EU GT World Challenge Europe @ Kyalami - Friday 22nd May 2020

Paul Glover

RaceDepartment Social Media Manager & Podcast Host
Jul 16, 2011

Following Monza it's time to spend our Friday evening in South Africa.

We support good hard racing and just ask you to respect track limits, basic racing etiquette and most importantly, each other.

If you need any help don't hesitate to ask on TeamSpeak... there's no such thing as a stupid question, and others will also benefit and learn something new :)

All premium members can sign up for this, sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

Join us
Not a premium member yet but interested to race with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate as well.

Server Name: #4
Track: Kyalami
Car: All
Weather: Variable
Server and Teamspeak Password: click here
Racing Club Rulebook: click here
: Intercontinental GT Pack

Practice: 19:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 19:30 UTC (20 minutes)
Race: 19:55 UTC (90 minutes)

Pitstop: Drivers choice

Scheduled times for the race weekend inside the game:
Practice: Friday 15:00 (x3 Multiplier)
Qualifying: Saturday 13:00 (x3 Multiplier)
Race: Sunday 15:00 (x3 Multiplier)

Server 1 Entry List - 50 slots
  1. Paul Glover
  2. Interslice
  3. Sumpfgottheit
  4. marcos1988
  5. Tommi Saari
  6. ssc2211
  7. GEO147
  8. leerb
  9. Lucas Degen
  10. Nik Babin
  11. Bruno Melo
  12. Iwan Jones
  13. Doghouse81
  14. Grazze53317
  15. Lee Williamson
  16. Kolma
  17. Honey badger
  18. stribbeck
  19. speedyx56
  20. thestig171
  21. Dan ONeill
  22. madflea
  23. Fernando Deutsch
  24. dhmotor
  25. Simon D Robert
  26. Lorenzo Bonder
  27. Potency
  28. Mitja Bonca
  29. Damien Moore
  30. redeye630
  31. Abdoulaye Diop
  32. PurgerUK
  33. Geof
  34. Sincx
  35. Ambrus Peter
  36. Rendol
  37. Miko_Skye
  38. Kev Russ
  39. Papp László
  40. jackyboi2708
  41. Pay_Driver
  42. The GT Formula
  43. SuperSophia
  44. Walden
  45. magnusko11
  46. Marc Neutelings
  47. Chris pinchbeck
  1. Free Spot
  2. Free Spot
  3. Free Spot
  4. Free Spot
  5. Free Spot
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Paul Glover

RaceDepartment Social Media Manager & Podcast Host
Jul 16, 2011

Here is a gentle reminder to make sure you are aware of our club racing rules


There is even a handy video that I made which covers the basics, please do pay attention to them :thumbsup:

As with every race I wanted to like highlight a few things:

1. If you are new to RD and online racing, I urge you to setup Teamspeak and test that you know how to connect to the race server prior to Saturday. Not 5 minutes before the event. Everyone is happy to help but not when they are trying to qualify, so please do bare that in mind.

2. Whilst team speak is not normally mandatory for club races, I urge you to use it. Especially with 50 drivers.

3. When using Team speak use push to talk, no one wants to hear your conversations with the wife or your noisy wheel :whistling:

4. If you are not able to attend, sign out before practice and please be in attendance for the start of qualifying.

5. I recommend putting some practice in, the server is online for that reason. Practice makes perfect! Turning up cold is not a good idea :cry:

6. Pay attention to blue flags, on a straight ease off the throttle and let the car overtake. You could map your indicators to show where you will go to assist them.

7. If you get involved in an incident at the start. Pit, repair the car and carry on! There will be many offs during that time, it's not over until the fat lady sings.


Thanks for reading, see you out on track!

P.S DID YOU KNOW THAT WE HAVE A PODCAST? Search for RaceDepartment is all good podcast apps or go here:
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Paul Glover

RaceDepartment Social Media Manager & Podcast Host
Jul 16, 2011
In please paul
Had so sign out from Monza, but I LOVE Kyalami - Please sign mit in!
Would be thrilled to join this one! Please count me in :)
Sign me up, please.
sign me in :)
Bababa booooom. Please sign me up dude.
Yes please
Yes please. Haven't raced Kyalami yet, looking forward to it.
All right you eager beavers, you're on the list!