Released GT Tour Pyharanta 0.8

Oct 14, 2010

Track is ready for driving and racing, might be a performance hog, I am not sure about that. Remember to read readme file inside the package. HAVE FUN!
This is all public road track located in real surroundings around town Pyhäranta, southwest Finland. Experience incredible fast, narrow and challenging 25km course that goes through countryside and small villages.
Track is fictional, but roads, villages and everything humanly possible for me to make is real. My goal was to make roads look and feel as much real as they are.
Watch out over driving corners, those ditches will kill your car!


Big thanks to authors of the following Xpacks, without these I couldn't have ever made this track come to alive:

Rural Australia (ennisfargis)
Ennis Objects (Eric Tozer)
Smes Pack (CidJc)
Textures Janvier (PLP)
Tree cOllection (Bob Pritchard)
Vegetation (Kytt)

Also thanks to Neil Faichney for providing skyboxes and sky textures.

Have fun! Tour Pyharanta
And direct download link:


Oct 14, 2010
I have started working with 1.0 version. This will be much more improved in graphics and realism wise. I don't yet know release date, lots of work to do. Note: If you have gotten familiar with current track, be warned that some parts of the roads will change quite a lot. 0.8 wasn't very realistic in some parts because I lacked some reference material.