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GT-Sport+997RSR+F430 Enduro @Paul Ricard HTTT - Sat March 20th 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Tobias Kluge, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. Road One International

  2. Paul Richard HTTT PR layout

  1. Tobias Kluge

    Tobias Kluge

    Please only vote if you are committed to sign up regardless if your favourite track doesn't win the poll!

    If you don't know the track exactly, then watch the following track video:

    700k Paul Ricard HTTT PR layout (77laps) DL -> here

    Servername: RaceDepartment enduro
    Track: Paul Ricard HTTT PR layout
    Class: GT-Sport + Porsche 997RSR + Ferrari F430
    15:30GMT Practice 1: 120mins
    17:30GMT Practice 2: 60mins
    18:30GMT Qualification: 20mins Superpole
    18:50GMT Warmup: 10mins
    19:00GMT Race: 700k or 77laps (~2:45h)

    Please read:
    - If you want to drive the Porsche 997RSR or the Ferrari F430, please read this post.
    - Click here to read the password and golden rules!
    - It is a VERY long endurance event. If you tend to leave an event after a minor crash or looking for victory at expense of a forced overtake, you should NOT sign up.
    - In case if we get a lot of sign ups, I will give priority to whoever took part in the last enduro season.


    We will start the race with all the participants. If you drop during warmup or while getting on the grid we WILL restart the race. We might need to do a parade lap to make sure everyone has the proper grid position.

    Manual Rolling Start Procedure

    Please read closely:

    - Every driver places himself on the grid as usual and waits for the red starting lights to go on and off.
    - When the lights go off the formation lap starts; not the race!
    - The leader starts the formation lap first and then every car simply follows him one by one.
    - The formation lap is driven in a single line.
    - The leader will keep the formation lap at around ~100km/h.
    - The race starts when the leader enters the final turn.
    - No passing is allowed before the start/finish line!!
    - If you spin or go off track, you wait for the whole field to pass and rejoin at the back of the line.
    - Sudden stops, brake tests and excessive swaying are forbidden during the formation lap.
  2. Tobias Kluge

    Tobias Kluge

    Weather forecast: according to the 10 day weather forecast from weather.com, it will be raining on Saturday at 14°C in Le Castellet. :) So this will be an official wet race.
    Practice 1: wet -> more rain is coming 13-14°
    Practice 2: very wet -> more rain is coming 14°
    Qualification: wet later expect more rain 14°
    Warm up: very wet -> heavy rain 14-15°
    Race: wet to very wet -> more rain is coming, chances of short dryer periods 15-14°

    entry list:
    1. Tobias Kluge, Vette
    2. Bob Hutchins
    3. Freddie Besems
    4. Stefan Werner
    5. João Andias
    6. Ross McGregor
    7. Michael Keith Jeffries
    8. Xavier Locht
    9. Ant Creasy
    10. Michael Humpherson
    11. Stefan Beemsterboer
    12. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    13. Michael Jeffries, 997 GT3 RSR
    14. David Zafiu, F430
    15. Andreas Löffler, Vette
    16. Yuri Braham
    17. Patrick Wuyts
    18. Wesley Hartog
    19. Thomas Lee
    25. Chris Rogerson, Seat

    reserve starters:
    1. Kaede Matsushima, F430
    3. Rick Hurst

    Skinpack DL:

    Warning, due to bugs in the game it is possible to experience a game crash
    when using custom skins. If you are unsure, don't use this skinpack or other custom skins during the race.
    Install the thunder sound fix, to avoid disconnects and high CPU loads. DL here
  3. Bob Hutchins

    Bob Hutchins

    Yes I'm in for sure but deciding on what car to use.

    Ok Tobias, after checking out the video's and having raced on Road One numerous times & throughly enjoyed it I'm going to vote for Paul Rickard HTTT as I've never driven it before but did watch the FIAGT 3 race last year where half the field got wiped out due to a shower.

    P.s. Tobias, looking at the video, where did the Porsche & F430 come from and are they equal with the GT Sport cars?
    Also, reading an old thread when you were fishing for feedback about starting this series, you mentioned using the FIA 2008 Mod GT2 class, now its been updated wouldn't it be nice to use this along side the Evo GT Sport class sometime?
  4. Tobias Kluge

    Tobias Kluge

    These Porsches and Italian Stallions are from the PT-Sims Mod. They are in a class of its own, not suitable to race with the GT-Sport class. I have a look in the FIA GT Mod, maybe it is possible to run both classes now.
  5. Freddie Besems

    Freddie Besems

    sign me up pls.
  6. Matt Hunt

    Matt Hunt

    Damit 1 week earlier I would be all up for it, but i'm going in for Brain sergery on the 19th so I'll have to miss this event..
    I'll not vote as I can't take part

    Best of luck to all and to those that have not done a enduro event, it's not as daunting as it sounds and is a lot of fun :)
  7. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    Me please. :)

    My car selection depends on the track. If it ends up being Paul Ricard, I may decide to go with the M3 for a change as I have pretty good setup for it from last years event. Otherwise, I will run the Marcus as usual.

    Edit: I will cast my vote later. I am having a tough time making a choice, as both tracks are equally worthy of our attention.
  8. João Andias

    João Andias

    Me too...

    Paul Ricard?! That's unfair to the Road One people ... Well, with the Castelette track in I'm sorry but my vote is going that way :wink:

    Anyway, either it will be fun :smile:

    On the 13 of March I've FPWS... but I could do it on the 14th, a Sunday.
  9. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    I'm in!

    Matt- your excuse is water-tight! Hope it all goes well for you, and you have a speedy recovery!
  10. Kimmo Kokkonen

    Kimmo Kokkonen

    Sign me up please, thanks.
  11. Martin Bulgin

    Martin Bulgin

    I Will be able to prepare for this one Tobias so sign me up in a Mosler please mate, thanks for letting me and my team mate join the Rouen race on Saturday but we were not prepared, we knew the track but didnt have a setup and the one we used (Brands Hatch with a couple of tweaks) was s.l.o.w.:biggrin: we were in the RDLMS 6 hour race but my pc crashed after 10 laps and we were at a loose end until we remembered your race and Matt good luck with your surgery.
  12. Ant Creasy

    Ant Creasy

    Count me in please :) Not sure which car yet, but I voted for Paul Ricard. Both tracks look good though.
  13. Ondrej Kapal

    Ondrej Kapal

    me too
  14. Stefan Beemsterboer

    Stefan Beemsterboer

    one more sign up....hopefully the track will by One Road!!
  15. Gary Allen

    Gary Allen

    sign me up pls. I voted for Paul Ricard.

  16. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    The F430 and Porsche 997 were converted by scca1981 and are well matched with the other GTS class cars in an Enduro, because although they are faster they are much more fragile.

    The GTPro mod of Lamborghini and Ferrari 550 etc was made by PTSims.
  17. Bob Hutchins

    Bob Hutchins

    Wow, with over a month to go the sign ups are great. Must be reading the great posts of previous race which tells of the fun we all have at these events.

    Come on, lets see if we can get a full field for these spectacular events.........
  18. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    What Bob said... let's fill the grid for this one! :biggrin:

    Not really. Ask Sean Vohs how well his 997 held up at last years endurance event at Paul Ricard. Still have screen shots of it somewhere. Completely smashed and still finished. And that was a 180+ min event. :tongue:

    There is a reason the decision was made to exclude the add on cars after the first couple of events. They really are in a class of their own.
  19. João Andias

    João Andias

    Yes, the Ferrari is the quickest, almost to the point that not seeing one in pole is "impossible", at same time, it is a "time bomb"... not impossible to take it to the finish, but for sure one has to rpm it only to zones where it no longer is the quickest car in the class.

    The Porsche can be fun... the top speed is an advantage in a long straight like the one at Paul Ricard, at same time its longevity is not equal to the C6, the car doesn't permit a relaxed driving in a straight line, much more when the rear tyres start to go and the rear starts to be "Porschy" (at that final part of Paul Ricard track for instances).

    The above experience is mostly from past Endurance events here at the club and a few sprint races (yes, if pushed all the way maybe not even 50 minutes can the Italian car complete). The "thing" here is that the smallest endurance race we did in the past was the Spa one with over 180 minutes (195), some went above that and the longest going to 250 minutes at Le Mans (the GTS class was won by Andreas with obviously a C6). With these we were sure in "endurance" "long distance" territory; the C6 was/is king, even if the Ferrari could be at start many seconds a lap quicker. With our 150 to 165 minutes races we are in middle ground... we can't no longer ignore engine preservation (especially if we are dealt with a low % engine at start) but at same time it is possible to take a "rabbit" the full distance (in part a question of "luck" regarding initial engine health).

    A small thing about "engine health" at start... in a same driving condition (style), a 100% engine health start will "go" at a faster pace to 0% than, for instances, a 20% start... but it doesn't compensate, even though a 20% health at start loses health slower, it will (with the same driving style) arrive at 0% first than the 100% start. More on engine health... a 100% engine health is not equal to the quickest engine... it is kind of random... the "quickest" engine can be obtained at 98% or/and 67% while at 100% or 79% we have a less powerful engine... yes, I did many experiments with it (started them in that 250 minutes Le Mans event and the Viper at the long straight). Those of you with GTR2 experince know well what I'm talking about...

    Tobias was at some of these endurance events (the most I think) so I'm sure that by doing these series he is taking into good account that experience and others from other clubs ;)

    In the end, regarding class mixing, different cars, what people have to understand it that each one's victory is within himself... What I mean is for instances;

    • If I go with a Seat GTS I know only a "miracle" could put me in 1st coming the final flag. So my "victory" is to take it home the best place possible and above all always finish the race.
    • If I start the race with a Porsche in Paul Ricard, I will have some work to do, but obviously I'm a prime candidate to final class victory... so my "personal" victory is to be the class winner.
    • If I start with a Ferrari, I know I've sort of the obligation to be among the quickest in practice, but in race I will be seating in a "time-bomb", perhaps a good challenge to "nurse" to the finish.
    • If I'm the best/quickest, a true Alien, I can take that bicycle and win all the same and show to those snails how it is really done... you get the point :tongue:
    All this just to say the obvious, endurance racing isn't mostly about head-to-head close fight where car performance/speed balance is "a must". It isn't the usual winner takes all kind of "thing"... self motivation/ "wining" is all in the brain and everyone has its own objective relative to its own choices and dealt initial cards (car choice, starting engine, style of driving, wife friends are screaming in the back and so on) but one thing is sure and common to everyone... we have to finish it :wink:

    I've the replay of that race... don't forget that the biggest "bumps" he gave (or were given on him :biggrin:) was with the front of the Porsche. If it was the rear... an all different history :wink:
  20. Stefan Werner

    Stefan Werner

    After much thought I have voted for Paul Ricard and will be taking the BMW for a change.
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