GT Pro @ Monza - Monday 31st May 2010

small race report.

1st i went for another car . storm. I had already a setup from it, but somehow it didnt work out tonight. So decided to go back to my Saleen.

Troubles of making a setup for it. Wouldnt steer into the corners. So poor qualifiyn on 8th spot.

then some acacadabra and made some modifications on the setup. Higher on the wheels, more camber, and soften all the dampers etc with one click.

Race 1. I made a touch/tap to another driver. (already apologized in chat, but again) waited for him and then started from almost last place.
Did manage to too place 6, but in last round i ran out of fuel and went to 7th place. 6th place was possible.

Race 2. Started on 2nd position, superpole.

Got me a tap in the chicane, after loosing already some spots to quicker starters, my car turned round. And i had to make way, put into reverse, to give room to other drivers.

So loosing some spots i continued my race working my way up to 3th spot. And falling back to 5th place. (lot of accidents i believe helped me too)
Then decided to play it safe and it worked out, finishing on 4th spot.

thx for the race was lots of fun.
well my race report, black flagged race 1 and race 2 was great almost a podium finish but i came off just a hari in the final turn halfway through the race and my car went out of control so i had to come off. wasn't bad for beginning
Great both races for me :)

I drive first time Aston Martin (drive about 30 laps before race) :D but have great setup.

On qualy have best time and start 1st on Race 1. but have 27 L fuel more than I should (need practice :redface:) and losing first place right at the start of Nicholas Hamilton.The race for me ended with 2nd place and 10 seconds behind the first.

Race 2.
Starting with the seventh place, at the first corner crash and impact Böhmer (sorry), waiting to return to a position where he was before and falling on the 10 position.In same circle moved at 9 place. Sykes spin on first turn and I moves to 7 position. I try catch the duo in front of (Beemsterboer and Besems) are a couple of seconds ahead of me. Beemsterboer going to sand and I'm at 5 position.Magrath and Jordan make a mistake and I'm on 2nd position :) .Fight for a 1st place is mission impossible because Allinson (Congratulations) approximately 32 sec ahead.

All in all, great race for me.

Thanks Dave & RD. See u next track :rally:
First i will conratulate all drivers at last evening race, that did not spin out. To hold the car on the tarmac in
these casr are very hard. Diffiucult to brake, hard over the bumps. but straight line was ok.

Race 1 startet ok , lost a couple off positions in start. Doing ok until i startet makeing silly mistakes in chicane 2. Oboy i need more pratice in gt pro.
Did not know that viper was that faster in a straight line then Audis.
After i did 100 error i was hitting Dave going into T1, while brakeing i lost rear end and touched his car. sorry. My fault.
A part from that and all my other mistakes i came to the finish line.

race 2
at start the car in front is slow and i dont like to turn left /right in these cars just after start. very easy to get a 360 degrees turn.
Going into T1 i was hit by a car behind which made my car end up into car in front.
A couple off laps afterwards i did the same to a Cheyv. Sorry for that but your move from right to left was blocking my brake area . I loost most off this because i was then hit from behind. Thanks to Jadran for waiting. great but i feel it was not 100% your fault.
Then the NIVIDA problem which Jadran used to overtake me. No problem, i only get mad everytime it happens and NO support from Nvida to fix this.
Was driving more steady this time, a part from the T1 accident and was climbing up to 3 place. did a couple off mistakes. One spin in T1 and one out off track at parabolica.
came in to 5 place which could have been 3 if i didnt made those error. More pratice will maybe help
The pressure from seeing Jadran closing up on me fast in my mirrors was too much :) i missed a braking point and ended up sliding off into the barrier :(
I was gutted because i had a resonable start from p1 and managed to hold p2 for some laps, but maybe would have managed a p3 or p4 if id have kept my head...... oh well.

Good race tho chaps!! :fwd:
not my best night yesterday.

I was in p5 in race 1 most of the time but got a 3rd cut warning in last lap and had to do the stop n go.
damn it.

In race 2 I managed to take the lead after the first chicane but then looked to much in the mirror and missed
the breaking point and crashed my car irreparable.

definitely need some more practice in these cars.
yeah sorry about that mcgraph, i wasn't gonna race you hard when i got there because i thought i would keep us from wrecking so early in the race. I guess i got distracted when i saw you come off and fell off the track by a hair and tried to get back on speed but the car spun.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
thanks for all the reports guys, good reading, I'll be back on track with you next week :)
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