GT Pro @ Le Mans 1977- Monday , May 10th, 2010

With a sad face I have to say I cant make this event.

I forgot today is my GF's birthday and signed up ahead of time. Hope you guys have fun, and I will see you Thursday
Hey, Abdul has to get up early for a new job and HE'S still racing. A trivial thing such as a girlfriends birthday shouldn't keep you from joining us. What's this world coming too? :D
Oh, man!:(

Got disconnected at the end of lap 5 in race 1, running in P2... Adding that it's 4:35am here at the moment, you can imagine how I feel.

Stupid internet connection!!! Don't know when it will stop doing this to me!!!

Have fun guys!:(
Turned up a little late and I didn't manage to get a qualifying lap in as I was out of practice so I started from the back in 20th.

Got a great start but those ahead of me did not and someone didn't get away at all so I had to take it real easy. I was braking nice and early into all the corners, mainly taking positions due to other peoples mistakes. Then into turn 11 (right hander in that mini complex after the two straights) I broke a little late, saw I was heading for a ram so I dived into the wall and grass to avoid the ram and just managed to stop before the hay bales. I then got tapped into them by someone who made the same mistake as me :D From there on in it was a case of doing the 6 laps without any mistakes, something I didn't manage. I drifted round turn 4 twice but on the third time I lost it and broke my splitter. Car was going +10 mph faster but taking off on the straight and not being able to turn made me pit. Finished 12th in the end.

Race 2 saw me get a good start again but I had no where to go so I held position. Got to the head of my pack through some nice overtaking if I say so myself and headed onto the straight. Couldn't get a decent tow off the leading pack and I got caught by C6R so he passed me. From then on in I drove a careful race and thanks to other people's mistakes, got into 4th and managed to get on the back of Yves, after he once again sent me round the outside of a corner after he had span :frown: A mixture of trying to be smart and not wanting to risk my position meant I didn't overtake him down the straight so I settled down for the final two laps to get 4th. I might have done better if I wasn't really tired and if I didn't have a massive oil stain on my windscreen. It was in the worst place possible, bang in the middle and it got in the way whenever I looked for my braking point or the apex of corners :frown: Still, gained 8 places in each race so I am happy with the night. Good racing all :)


Eric Nelson

Peter thats just horrible! My keyboard would be in the wall like a knife had it been 4:30 AM.............

Q well I banged up the car and had to hit the garage. Q'd mid field and realize it was juts as good as 4th ATM.

R1: opening lap is fun! tight driving and lots of tense moments! Peter and I get away pretty clean from lap 2 on. I bump draft Peter twice rather than pass on lap 3 to get us distance and maybe fight for 2nd later. I punt Peter pretty hard at one point inthe braking zone offof Mulsanne. He keeps it together and I have a bit of front damage. We race on and he makes the mistake and I am inside .3 for a bit. I lose it big off Mulsanne and spin to relinquish my spots to Abdul and Tyler? I regain when Abdul is off a short bit later. Peter Discos asn I am P3! Ok thats good!

R2 I make a gearing change and ruin my car. what a dummy! Why fiddle woth a 3rd place car? I get a good start and am up to 4th form 6th. We are all clean coming out to the looooong straight. I Bump Draft Yves past Tyler, Syefan comes hurtling down the outside and we touch briefly. No body wrecks at 200! I slide a bit wide exiting Mulsanne. I come back into the racing line and get a smack from Stefan who doesn;t see me. I get a spin going and hit someone and have a punctured right front. NOOOOOOOOO1 I try to pit twice and the crew doesn;t fix my car? what? OH yeah you idiot you have to select hat yo want them to fix in green! When the pit board writing is RED, you don;t get service.

I come around a 3rd time to pit. I get off hard at the end of Mulsanne. I finally get the car on the curbing pijnted down track adn poor Tyler makes contact with me! I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY MAN! I was trying to keep jst the epftside tires on the orad so I could go after yo passed by.

So I finish 13th or 14th. I am sad but thats racing! Se ya next week!

\Gota give a big SHOUT OUT to the following Euro guys for racing with us in the weee weee wee hours!

Peter Bartfai
gary Lennon
Yuri Braham
Abdul Ahmed
thanks for showing up to an ARC event on a work night! your always welcome so please stop in again soon!
Thanks everyone for coming out and racing tonight, it was fun!

Eric, my connection must of dropped right before I hit you. I started to see you when I was about at the apex of Indianapolis, but then you disappeared. I kept on going then heard TS disconnect and saw no one on the track map. Did you ever make it around and get those bums to work on the car? :tongue:

Yves Larose

again i'm too lazy to do a full race report but it was great fun and great racing :thumbup: thanks to Eric for setting the event and thanks to RD for the hardware :thanks:

Eric Nelson

yeah I pointed a gun out the window net and they finally fixed all kindsa stuff on the car! OH now it makes more sense our collision. I looked at the replaya nd I had to go pretty far back to pick you up in the race!
It is just amazing how a ever so slight lapse in concentration will cost you!!! Mydog bumped my elbow with his cold nose and cost me a breaking point on in the first race that led to bad bad bad damage.

I lost it again in the second race looking at the glass of whiskey on my desk. Once the smoke cleared I saw the business end of a viper that was going off track as well. Big damage again.

Better luck at the mountain!!! for me!!
Was just watching through the replays and it looks like I didn't avoid a collision on lap 1 of race 1, thought I did :frown: Sorry Yuri, I thought I had managed to miss you :frown:

Dennis Phelan

Eric had promoted this race well, as something special and I thought it really was. A chnace to put laps in on a real[fast, challenging and held in high esteem] endurance track. I spent the first few days after the announcement trying different cars, and tracks, learning a lot about the track but not much about the cars as they all seemed to perform the same. Finally, I could see a difference and picked the Vette to work on. Still stymied by the track I pushed to where I knew enough to stay on course. The car began to come together and my lap times became consistent. I locked in the settings when I could do multiple laps of 3:40's. From that point on all I ran were groups of 6 laps, incidents meant a trip to the pits. no changes to the car, drive what I had! Soon I was able to do several 6 lap runs in a row and without changing anything laptimes could fall to the low :38's. I just kept practicing to not go too fast! On raceday I was ontrack with club members and the job was to "push". I found out how hard I could push before messing up, good to know!
Anyhow, practice was over!

Q: Time to step up. My fastest laps to date had been in the low :38"s and they would happen near the end of 6 lap run. With a full load of fuel I entered a track clear ahead and behind. I was ready to go after a sedate outlap. I pushed all my brake points to the limits, flicked the wheel at the appropriate moments and really did a great job of getting on the gas in the correct places with hardly any wiggling. Full speed on the Mulsanne and perfect braking there and at Indianapolis. The car flowed right thru the two sharp turns, I was in heaven. I got two wheels off just after the Porsche corner but I knew just how to handle it, not to worry, everything from there on went 100%. That gave me a 3:37.775 and I backed that with a low 3:38 on the next lap. LOVED IT[P12]! Quits after two laps.

R1:Gary gets lagged at the start, I'm literally stuck behind him until all but Joe Edgar go by[P18]. I chase the group ahead of me and catch them just before the hill at the end of the Mulsanne. Maybe I was the only one to see Blair get really nose high as he got totally airborne cresting that hill! Blair had been all over the track coming up to the hill and I should have taken caution. I set myself in the right lane before the hill, I'm passing in the right lane and as I hit my brake point, Blair moves to the right and collects me, bounces off the wall and collects me again. I move off track so Gary can go by then get back on track to see Joe against the wall. Not knowing if I had caused his siituation, I wait for him, P20. Joe blows his motor at Indy and pulls off. I catch up with Blair after the Porsche only to go off, Eric E is back on from his off and passes me. After catching him at the pit, I plan to stay behind until the straight but he pulls over to let me by so I go, thanks Eric! L5 and James F and Glenn P pull into the pit as I close on them P13. Lucky for me neither the incident nor my off had damages the car at all and I had full speed all the way to the end, P10. Wished I could have raced more rather than passing by offs and pitstops.

R2: That had been a good run and I throuoghly enjoyed it! Hopefully this would be the same. A good start but my looong 1st gear held me back a bit. Alongside Abdul at T1, he keeps wide to the left as I maintain a distance at the right, um, I'm in the grass, oops and I'm into T2 with too much speed as I get back on. As I regroup, James gets by me. For the first time, I'm following close to someone on the Mulsanne and I experience the draft, Passing James with a top speed of 209 mph, WooT! On the way to Indy I pass Tyler who has slowed to avoid a spinning Stefan. Tyler hangs right in there for the lap and is right behind me as we enter the Mulsanne again. My car, reallly set up just for top speed today gives him a tow but as he tries to break out and pass me on two occasions, he fails both times and as I had hoped is unable to pass in the curvy sections either. Well, he pulls up along my right side at T1 so I move to the left and prapare for a pass but he's pushing hard and misses T2. James is behind me again at the Mulsanne but I'm 1 mph up on him at the Bar and 5 mph by the kink. After the corner I can See Yves ahead. Then I did a very stupid thing and I can't even rememeber doing it, I shifted into 6th on the way to the Indy corner. I don't even want to watch the replay past this point. I did the two downshifts coming to the right hand bend and the two more that would have me in 1st gear for the left hander, only I could see as I was turning in, that I was in 2nd. CURSES! Race over. At least I had a fast lap of 3:37.296 before it was all over, fastest lap ever for me here.

I was ready to do better but I think my potential as realized and I really had a lot of fun both preparing for the event, qualifying and racing with my friends! I had picked a race strategy opting for top end and spent very few laps in a car that had more than one degree of wing or one[?] of splitter and had cooling blocked down to the min's. It was a challenge for me to drive with so little downforce and I have amazed myself! Maybe I can carry this forward to another fast venue.

Thanks To Eric N and RD for this race.
To be honest, I really didn't practice to much for last nights race. And the few laps I did do, prior to yesterday, I used strictly online setups to get a feel for cars and the track. I joined early yesterday and tried nearly every car before settling on the Viper. I had found a online setup which was a good stable base to work off of and the gearing was just amazing. So I started to make changes, adding a little rear wing, a little more camber on the rear and tighening the rear springs - all in an effort to get the car to turn in better. This resulted in a car that was running 33's in practice without being overly aggressive.

Quali: Did a 32 my first lap out, but grazed the wall on the second lap coming onto the back straight and gave up. Unfortunately this didn't leave me enough time to get another lap in. Congrats to Abdul for his killer 31 lap and setting pole - congrats man. Wish I could have run a bit closer with you in the races, was great fun in practice.

Race 1: Starting from third I got a reasonable start and drafted up behind Abdul on the outside of T1, passing Rafael. All was well and I was looking forward to a great fight at the front when I ran off in T11! Doh! I haven't had a problem with this corner before, but it turned out to be a big issue for me in the race. Luckily, I didn't hit anything and was able to rejoin in 10th. I managed to fight my way back up to 4th behind Eric and Abdul, whom both had offs on the last couple of laps allowing me to take a relatively unchallenged 2nd place in race one. If only I could keep it together for race two, perhaps I could challenge for the lead.

Race 2: Got another decent start, from 7th this time, but had to let off to avoid the chaos directly in front of me. Eric N. got a little squirrelly off the line and his Viper shot across into Abdul, forcing Abdul into the wall. Luckily both of them were able to straighten it out and carry on without any further drama. Then coming into T2 I glanced at my rear view and saw Dennis approaching much to fast. I moved to the left lane just in time for him to shoot by on my right and nearly running it off. Then coming down the back straight I had a great run on the group of cars up a head. I moved to the right of the track being that Saul was occupying the right lane. I got passed the first car without a problem, but once I got beside Eric N. one of us must have swerved just a little and we touched. No big deal, but it was enough for me to have to run onto the grass on the left, losing my momentum. I fell back and got back in line, picking up speed quickly. I pulled back out and flew past the Vette and was fully side by side once more with Eric N. braking for Mulsanne. We got around the corner without incident. A look in my rear view however showed no Eric - bam! - that's why. Eric ran it a little deep into the corner and had to utilize the run off area. Had I known he was there, I would have moved to the right lane giving him room to rejoin, but as it was I didn't and poor Eric ran into my drivers side rear fender, which sent him into the adjacent wall resulting in him spinning across the track. Really sorry I didn't leave you any room to rejoin Eric! Then three bends later in T11 "AGAIN", I miss my braking point and run straight on hitting one of the poles this time. I rejoined in 10th, but was gifted 8th just a few turns later as others ran off. On lap 2, I again ran it wide in T11. While I didn't run it as deep as previously it was just enough to put it on the grass and go head to head with Sam, whom was parked facing the wrong way. There really has to be some magical magnetic force between our cars. Really sorry Sam! As a result of the collision I lost my front splitter. I then had a bit of a battle with Kevin for a few laps. Sorry about the contact down the straight. It was my first time trying to take those little bends with no splitter and the car just drifted wide. I eventually dropped Kevin and was slowly catching up to Yuri whom had also lost his front splitter. Unfortunately I ran out of time and had to settle for 6th.

If you all get a chance, watch Yuri and me in the replay of race 2 coming up over the hill prior to Mulsanne. It was Viper long jump, I tell you. Caught so much air on the last lap that I thought my car was gonna snap in half after touching the ground. :cool:

Any ways, thanks for an awesome event everybody, was a lot of fun. Hope to see you all next week! :)

Eric Dennis

Since my wheel broke last Monday night in the second race, it's been treacherous doing this with an X-Box 360 controller. 4 laps was my limit on each race before a slight lapse sent me into the wall. I did better in the second race than the first (someone hit me from behind into the wall, which took out my front aero in the first race). I'd made it up to sixth in the second race, before thumb fatigue started to set in. lost three places down to 9th and then into the wall on turn one of the home straight. DNF. New wheel arrives by this Friday so I'll be ready for next week. :D
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