GT Pro @ Estoril, Thursday, 04 December 2014

Sep 27, 2014
P3 in qualifying, P4 & P3 in races with 6 racers on the grid.. My first serious races online and what I can say... Too many mistakes! Too late on a brake, too early on a throttle and I could appreciate lawns around the Estoril :confused: Some battles but not too many to be honest, everyone playing fair and that's what I like :) I'm not sure if I didn't push somebody out too hard at the start, I must watch replays - if so, sorry gentlemen - still need to get in grips with online racing.

Thanks for racing and see you soon in my mirrors :D


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Aug 7, 2013
Two lonely, but completely different races. Oh well ;)

Got on the server early as I only practiced for a few laps yesterday to get a general idea & fuel info - got pretty fast reasonably soon, though. For the most part of it, I could even somewhat close in to @Bob Miley's times, when he vanished into thin air for P2, unfortunately :(
Found another few tenths in P2 and while I wasn't quite consistent yet, I went into quals rather optimistic - to my own surprise, I kept all my laps pretty error free and improved my time with each of them, claiming pole position as a result.

Had an okay start into P1, but with nobody seizing the opportunity, I kept P1 through the first turn - survived lap 1 rather good (the Zonda's really, really.. not too nice on cold tyres/brakes, afterwards it was a dream, all using a modified version of a setup posted by Bob in some past event's topic, btw :)) and went on to build up a gap to @Alex Odell in P2.

Kept my race pretty error-free afterwards and brought home P1 :)

Starting into the second race from behind, I had a better start, but still opted to keep it slowly in T1

With both @Reggie Blain Snr and @Daniel Linder having small offs in the first turns, I gained two positions and was in P4 when we approached T7/Orelha.

Unfortunately, I got a bit slidey... then I got a bit grassy, but nothing too bad, right? Just gonna go through that brake marker and on we go, we can still do this!
Nope. Actually, not so much, as said brake marker turned out to be earthquake-/bomb-/zonda-proof. Oh well.

Went into pits to get aero & suspension damage fixed up and (successfully) raced myself for the fastest lap of the race, if anything :) Plus, I got by Reggie during the last lap and had some fun drifting into corners :D

Thanks for coming out, everyone - see you tomorrow!


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Oct 12, 2010
What a crappy event this was. :poop:
Earlier this week, I had two cars in mind for the race, and they were the Zonda and the Corvette.
Zonda had better breaking, and felt more stable, but I were able to go faster with the Corvette.
In offline mode that is.

Joining the server, I first took the Zonda, but felt right away, that it wouldn't work so backed out, and picked the Corvette instead. But somehow I never felt connected to the car. Never felt confident as well.
But stubborn as a rock, I decided to try work it out. It paid off, since in P2 (I think) I started to get faster and faster. But I absolutely despise to have to micro manage any settings and then go out on the track to get the feel of it, and then back to garage to slightly chance something else.
None of my personalities can handle that. One suffer from OCD and the other from ADD :cautious::unsure::sneaky::rolleyes:
Well, as I said, I started to get faster, but not fast enough comparing to @Björn Golda, but you know, anything can happen during the race, so I didn't really paid to much attention to it. But he were really fast today.

When Q came, I manage to get into 2nd place.

Race one, started okay, not the best start, but wasn't bad. The problem with Corvettes is their rev limit is much shorter than other cars, so you can't press the foot on the pedal, and hold it there like the others. It's feels so unnatural for the foot, so you almost right away start to build up lactic acid in your leg :laugh:

When we approached T1, I received a love tap from @Rafael Kajstura and my car thought it could fly for a second, and the momentum I had, made my car go off-track. So, everybody passed me, and the work to catch up with them started. During the race, a few drivers went off, and that was my ticket to 2nd place.
However, Björn were long gone, and didn't really show any signs of slowing down, so there was nothing really to be done. He actually manage to increase his gap, when my car had enough, so any thought I had to even try to push, had to be abandoned. When race was over, he finished with 10-15 seconds lead!

Race two, got a awful start, but on the other hand, you have much better view what is going on, so at T1, I saw a few opportunities and I manage to pass a few. This time I were little to aggressive, and carried little to much speed approaching T3 and returned the favor towards Rafael, and gave him tap. But nothing serious though, it was just some trading in paint, and the pace didn't slow down for us. At T4 I had little to much as speed and as well, and had to visit the beach.
When I tried to get out, I spun a little, so even more time got lost.

Back on track and once again, the work to catch up to the others started. This time it took much more effort and time to catch up, but luck were on my sides, and people started to go off, so once again, I were back in 2nd, and the tedious work to catch @Alex Odell started. I manage to close the gap from 6 seconds down to 3, but my car were badly worn out, so everytime I pushed, Alex responded by increasing the gap with a second.

Finished once again in 2nd place, with 3.7 seconds behind Alex.

I can tell you right now, this was not a good combo thou. Don't get me wrong, I still had loads of fun.
But in some areas, it felt like playing Russian roulette, and you had to be extremely careful in some corners. Which I don't like when it comes to GT cars. There is only way to drive these cars, and that is, like you stole it, which didn't work on Estoril. :p

Anyway, cheers to everyone who raced and see you next time!
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