GT Legends 2?

David Wright

For a while it looked like R3E was going to be the only Simbin game in town, but with the arrival of DTM-E and the return of WTCC later this year it does make me wonder if there is a small chance of a GT Legends 2.

The FIA Historic Championship had so much going for it. An amazing range of 60s and 70s touring and GT cars. A great set of tracks most of which were already in the Simbin catalogue and it was a European championship having broader appeal than say a British championship. As it turned out, GT Legends captured the FIA Historic racing championship at its peak. It declined after 2005 and vanished a few years ago. So unless GTL2 was a straight update on GTL (and I'm not sure if licensing a dead series is possible) Simbin would have to find a new historic championship to license.

There is at least one current international historic racing championship which is thriving - U2TC. The circuits include some of the classic GTL circuits such as Donington, Spa, Monza and Dijon and add some new ones like Silverstone and Paul Ricard. The grids are full with 33 cars on the grid for the 2012 Donington race for example. As the name suggests, the championship is for Touring cars under 2 litres and made before 1966 - Cortinas, GTA's BMW1800s, Minis and Abarths.

I would certainly miss the larger Mustangs and Falcons, all the GTs and the 70s cars, but I can't imagine any developer giving us the 30 different cars we got in GTL.

Do you think there is any chance of a GTL2? Would U2TC be a good choice? Any other suggestions for historic racing championships?

Rupe Wilson

I would love a GTL 2
We can only hope we get this or something with a large content of old classics
we have a few retro cars in R3E but no where near as many as id like, but im a sucker for Retro..
We can but live in hope. :)

Warren Dawes

In Australia, the Touring Car Masters series is rapidly growing in popularity, and gets full TV coverage here. They provide a support category to the V8 Supercars at many tracks now.

The following for this series is becoming huge down-under and a similar series now runs in New Zealand too.

Historic car racing is certainly not dead, in fact I suspect it could just keep growing.


David Wright

@David Wright the way i see it R3E is the umbrella platform for all future SimBin titles.

DTM E and WTCC will just merge into it.

So yeah a GTL2 package under the big sim umbrella would be awesome.
Yes I could have expressed myself more clearly. I can see the logic in the initial R3E approach of mixing and matching just the cars and tracks you want but prefer the realism of a real championship package like DTM or WTCC. A GTL2 package within R3E would be fine.

I would love to see this series covered
Fantastic suggestion. Broad range of cars, and the tracks raced on are largely already in the Simbin portfolio.

Bram Hengeveld

Falling totally in love by just looking at some of the pictures on that site

These cars and the awesome sound department of Simbin would be a great combination.

Yes We Can(Am)
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