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GT car choice puzzle

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
After looking through the GT Pro race grids, I noticed that the cars were limited to Astons (lots of Astons), Corvette C6R's, Audi's, Listers and Koenigs.

No Saleens, no Apollo's, no Vipers. Are these cars restricted, or just not popular? I know the Viper is a handful, but the Apollo and Saleens are lovely to drive.

What is the thinking behind the car choices I wonder?
Aug 26, 2008
Aston looks the best and I think people feel a bit faster with it because of the way it drives or something too. I've personally tried most of the cars and roughly about the same speed in all of them, they all very even IMO, just all have their own styles and some might be faster then others at certain tracks etc.

Pedro Galoppini

i think its just like what happened in GTR2: most of people usually played with Ferrari F550, Lamborghinis.... But this time with Astons and Audi R8.
I like Audi R8 Style...

Sean Vohs

Nov 24, 2008
I think it also may have to do with the Aston vs Corvette Le Mans conflicts.

I drive Aston because they're beautiful cars and sound sweet. Once I start doing GT races I'll most likely use the Gumpert. Amazing cars.


May 16, 2008
It's probably a matter of looks, and what kind of car handling people like. When I look at a car for the first time, I make up an image of how I expect the car to handle, and that usually sticks with me. However, I belive all the cars in GTR Evo that are in the same class are very equal. So I think it's really a question of what you like and what you don't like :) AND, if Aston Martins are popular on public servers, I guess most people (I did for a while) start thinking "Hey, a lot of fast people drive this car, maybe it's because they know it's the fastest one?" but from what I've seen at result lists and hotlapping boards, it ain't so :)

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
After looking through the GT Pro race grids, I noticed that the cars were limited to Astons (lots of Astons)
The DBR9 is one of the easiest to handle and it has the fame of being the fastest all-around. The car is no doubt fast, but it comes at a price, but that price it isn't revealed in sprint races, the ones most people do in public servers. On top of that there are available many fast sprint setups (1 to 3 laps at Nord, more at others), so the people can mix around with them.

...Corvette C6R's...
The C6R has the right mix of hardness/easiest of driving, it’s one of fastest on the fast parts (long straights), but loses somewhat in the tight parts. This car is also the long distance runner per excellence (tire, fuel, handling and so on), but again as people don't do much endurance, so many don't know that.

The C5R is similar but feels more "pure", the main difference is that it has more torque, so it has a slighter brutal power delivery then his younger brother but has worst aerodynamics, so it suffers even more on the tight parts.

There are a few good (much less then DBR9) on-line setups for them, since these are my favorites, I do have a few setups of mine on-line for them (Nord --> 29 for Q setup and 32 for R setup) but most people don't like them since I setup the car somewhat lose (3 wing on the Nord for instance).

These are also easier to drive, and have the fame of being the fastest on the tight parts of the track, but have equal fame of being the slowest on the fast parts.

This one (the L Storm)is probably the quickest GTP car around, but it hasn't the fame of it.
To me with its right wheel drive it’s a no go for now since I would have to re-learn all the apexes from scratch. Also I think the car as a tighter margin of setup, well; at least it was like that in GTR2...

All that has been said about DBR9 could in certain way also be said to this one (the CCGT), although I've never observed its behavior in long distance races. Since it is less popular then DBR9, it has less on-line setups.

...No Saleens...
The S7-R is one of my favorites, it is fast but has a natural tendency to oversteer too much. From my experience, it is hard to achieve an even setup for a long race, since if setup to be fast (at least go with the others) it “eats” the rear tire, and when these start to go off, it is hard to avoid the big tendency for the rear wheels to start to spin too much. Obviously this dynamics are related to the engine position on the car...

..no Apollo's...
Apollo GT is... one of the slowest? And it doesn’t have the advantage of being fast on the tight parts like the Audi. After I tried one for a few days at the Nord, in the end I only could do a 38 with an R setup... but no doubt my respect for Apollo drivers went up ;)

...no Vipers... I know the Viper is a handful
The Viper is fast, and theoretically it is also a long distance runner (like the C's) and yes it has a fame of handling like a pig from root.
I've a few somewhat fast R setups for it (35's at the Nord) but in my experience this car requires constant attention, wish is very tiring with long distance races. One distraction, the front bites and there we go against a wall.

That pretty much does it, notice the that this “easiest” "classification" (that I refer sometimes above) is closely related with engine size and torque, as bigger it his, blunter it can be the power deliver, so harder it can be to control at corner exit. On the same kind of logic, heavier the car, harder it can be to control under hard braking...

A good example of what I’m trying to say on the above paragraph is what happened to me the other day… as I don’t like fantasy cars/physics I had never driven the extreme wtcc class before.

These cars are light (compared with a C6R for instances), have lots of horse power (but smaller engines then most GTPs) and have fairytale aerodynamics.
Result, my first ever full lap on the Nord given with a BMW extreme, I did with a sprint R setup an 18!?!
Ok I know the fastest guys on this class go around there in the 10’s and 12’s, but 1st lap, 18? I’ve to really concentrate and drive like a madman to go under 30 with the C6R.

Conclusion, now back to the GTP class only, most likely all cars are theoretically capable of doing the same lap times, but in truce, with some it is easier than others ;)

Just to finish, obviously the above isn’t the result of any scientific study, it is based on my experience and opinion, no more, no less :)

Tim Ling

It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work
Aug 28, 2008
Thanks Tanaka, I've been playing with the idea of an offline GTP season, and it's good to get an experienced view of the cars. From messing around earlier with the various cars on Rouen, the Aston and C6R felt the easiest to drive, or maybe safest would be the right word. the Koenig and Viper were hardest for me, more twitchy, though this was all with the default setup. The Apollo was best though (for me), being a full second faster and generally easy to handle.

Maybe, if I'm brave enough, I'll join the GT league with an Apollo, just to be different.

Stefan Gunnersen

I have been hooked on the Saleen for a few days now. It has the sweetest sounds and I quite like the oversteering, actually. Better than understeer. But anyway, I have not tried a whole race with it. I was in a GTR2 league where the winner of the season and most of the races drove the Saleen.

I find the Aston Martins a little hard to drive. I feel they are kind of slippery, but I guess a correctly tweaked setup could help me with that. I have, unfortunately, not so much experience with setups.

What do I need to do to get a car with a less rear end slide? Adjust the wing or? Maybe there us a setup part of the forum - I am quite new with RaceDepartment.

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
Start here and download the fine pdf http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr-evolution/3511-rd-setup-guide-gtr-evolution-race-07-a.html

With the S7-R you are in for a long road, as most likely after you secure the car tendency to "keep turning" (oversteer), if you aren't careful, most likely he will go through the tires like a hot knife in butter...

Don't let this turn you away from it; it’s a very fine (and fast) racing car… but no doubt there are easier choices in the GT class ;)

Stefan Gunnersen

Hm... I might choose an easier one then. Anyway, I guess it will be a long time before I get to race in RD - not even a trial member yet.

It's a really great pdf! I will begin to read it well ALMOST immediately. Since it IS Christmas soon, I probably won't get around to it in a couple of days though. But I am looking forward to reading it anyway!

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