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GT Academy pays off


Bert Van Waes


4th race and the team off playstation racers is really growing strong. 2nd position in the championship... This really tells how a game/sim can throw some youngsters into a spot they only could dream off. This should happen more, really. Because alot off the potential Schumachers don't have money to ever start even with Karts...

And it shows that a game can make a race driver, with a week of polishing off course :):good:

I think GT Academy is a great initiative of PD, and it should be done by others aswell, Simbin anyone?

Ross Balfour

#99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs
Feb 25, 2008
Sander for F1!!

Yeah, I think this has proven that sim-racers can race in real-life (and race damn fast!!) Hope more and more of these competitions come about!

Mark Birney

Sep 13, 2008
It's not proven though, some simracers have gone to the real racing and you never hear of them since. Some people make the transition well. It does show though that some sims are at a level where people can learn from them. Funny to see how GT5 is more successful than iRacing at the moment (GT Academy that is). iRacing have managed to get one guy into the Jetta racing...

It gives people like us hope. I can't afford karts, but someday I will rally, and sims will help :)

Kevin Watts

Jun 28, 2008
Great to see someone making the leap but I don't see it happening too often. You're average sim racer doesn't have the fitness. Being good in a game is one thing but on the track you have a lot more physical exertion. Also in the sim you can take more risks because you can reset, on a real track you can't be so reckless or you could be a liability to yourself and others.

Bert Van Waes

Well, it will only happen if people organise such an event like GT Academy. It was very professional dealt with and the selection and tests were hard. People like Johnny Herbert were there to guide the pupils.
If you're surrounded by professional racers and educators everything is possible. Especially if you have alot of sim time on yr hands.

Don't forget to get selected these drivers had to drive the fastest laps on GTP against the whole world. And they came up on top.

This could be done every year. And they will keep on getting great racers out of it. I'm sure!!

Bert Van Waes

Oh boy, it payed off bigtime in Zolder... Lucas took the victory. Huplaaaaa :D

Grats Lucas and Alex. From Sim to reality, like this. I can only dream... :)




He even replies to the post in GTPlanet, and shows he still doesn't forget where he as a racer was born... Behind the Sim wheel and a pc. :)

He's good! This is not a leap anymore Kevin. This is honouring us the sim racers, in grand driving skills he picked up already before these races... I'm beginning to become a fan here off Lucas. I wonder what the future will bring for him. Shame the video is so short though. i would have liked to see some more action on the track!

Kris Leeten

Nov 17, 2007
Unfortunately in the second race they did not re-enter the track after the pitstop :(
Currently they're in 2nd pos with a 6point gap in the championship with only Algarve to go.
All info, stats & much more can be found at http://www.gt4cup.com