GSC Options and file variable settings documentation?

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  1. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    1. Where is manual or web page that describes the GSC variables that are set in the master config.ini, controller.ini, user.plr

    I found the rF user manual from 2006, but does not define any of the control file variables or settings and one might want to need to adjust.
    User manual:

    2. What are the OPTIONS on the Controls Controller3 panel and how does one use them?
    Are these just for the a controller with a joystick since I see a joystick section in the controller.ini file.
    It shows sensitivity and deadzone of what, the joystick? Defaults I think, values on my panel:
    Sensitivity X=50 RX=50 Y=0 RY=50 Z=50 RZ=40 S0=50 S1=50
    Deadzone X=0 RX=0 Y=10 RY=0 Z=0 RZ=0 S0=0 S1=5
    Just trying to understand all these settings and if any should be changed.

    3. What are the typical user values of OPTIONS on controller2 panel that will help make the driving more realistic? I set the 1st 4 to 0. due to by motion sickness and use of RealHeadMotion plugin.
    I see 4 more in the 2nd half of the page, what do these do and how should they be set for best racing.
    The full list and values that I see
    Speed Sensitivity=0 (Recommended for Wheel users)
    Head Movement =0
    Look Ahead=0
    Steering rate =30
    Throttle rate=100
    Break rate=100
    Clutch rate=100
    I see this values get put into the controller.ini file
    Suggested values?

    In the controller.ini
    What should the Basic Controls variable be set to and what does it control?

    Any input on these questions would be helpful.
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  2. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    1. I dont know
    2. Controller panel 3 is axis sensitivity options, ex. my gas pedal is on the Y axis and i like having a very sensitive throttle so i set it to 100%. You set those based on personal preference.
    3.If you using a wheel i dont think the final 4 options do anything, i think that is just for gamepad, keyboard users.
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