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Cars Gsc extreme Super Touring Cars Seasons 1.0 1.1

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carlos quintao submitted a new resource:

Gsc extreme Super Touring Cars Seasons 1.0 - Super Touring Cars

With Permission from AndreasFSC and Evo Monkey

Original author
Evo monkey

Super Touring Cars

BTCC 1993-1997, BTCC 1999-2000, STW 1998-1999 and STCC 2000
As i grow with this championships and loved the close races crazy accidents and lots of fun.

My first attemp to convert a mod

Renamed Super Touring Cars Seasons

Hope someone can update it.
Needs some tweeks to be great but still lots of fun.
Would love to Update the sounds and the...
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Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Very interesting as I've been following this mod on race 07 for quite awhile. You should contact Patrick Grantham to see if he can help you give it that reiza love!
Does this mid have its own rfm or will it show up with one of reiza's cars?

yes i will try to contact Patrick Grantham but i cant find him or any contact

all the help is welcome i love this mod.
I dont know how to add a rfm .

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