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GSC Extreme - Multiple dedi's running on a single remote machine not possible?

Feb 18, 2009
Hello friends,

I am seeking some assistance in running multiple instances of dedicated server's on a single remote machine.

I have opened all the ports as required including the subsequent UDP ports for each additional dedi server...

TCP 34747
UDP 34597 and upwards for each instance
UDP 34697 and upwards for each instance

For some reason whilst both display in the lobby, only ever the one can be joined, the other always giving join time outs...

Does anyone know what the hell is wrong?

I do see in the lobby some communities running sometimes 2, 3 or 4 servers successfully... What am I missing?


Jun 29, 2013
I did some googling to try and find you an answer, but sorry this is not something I understand very well. At RD I run 2 GSC dedicated servers, but they are on different machines. Hopefully someone else knows.

@Reiza Studios ?

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