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GSC Driver Training request on steering sawing style

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rick Malm, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Rick Malm

    Rick Malm

    Do you guys use the technique of steering sawing to feel out the line in a corner, scrub off some speed only as needed and as a result get high speeds out of the corner?

    My PCA DE instructor said that one can see NASCAR drivers use it all the time.

    This got me interested again in an issue that I posted earlier which was that MoTeC was showing a large difference in Steering % (me to AI). Troy Barman posted and gave me some advice saying that he did not trust what he saw on the video for steering wheel angles for both AI drives and himself.

    When I video capture and also look at still images capture on turn2 and I measured the on screen angle difference between me and the AI guy and I was 3 to 4x more wheel turn. I can not make turn 2 with only 12 deg of steering rotation but I have a theory why. Maybe SAWING needed and the video is sampled at a slow rate to keep FPS up and this hides what is really doing on with the steering wheel and the only way to see it is with the MoTeC values. See attached PDF for images and plot.

    I see that in turn 2 at Basilia, the AI guy hits apex better than I do (closer and consistent). My error of being wide 1 or 2 meters from a early, later or wide turn in results in a MUCH larger steering correction to hold and make the turn.

    MoTec shows this with my extra steering % as a hint that I did it wrong.

    2nd, I noticed the AI guys MoTeC also pumps the throttle a bit (some sawing) and maybe is doing throttle steering several times in the corner. I dont do this it and have a larger earlier throttle press and this must have to be compensated by more steering turn which is also larger before the throttle steer. I will mark this in CYAN on the plot that follows.

    So I need to practice more exact turn in and apex hit and wait longer on the throttle return and test this sawing idea. Advice?