GSC Car Mod Category

Up North
Not sure if this is a bug because GSC car mods now have their own category, but I posted a mod yesterday and it has never shown up on the Mods trending/new section in the forums. I'm not bothered but I thought I best inform you if you have not noticed already.

Thanks, Paul

Rupe Wilson

Hi Paul did you select the car prefix in the when you first when to upload the car in the category section.
but the car prefix then does not show on completion.

As there is no category Displayed or used it will not show in the trending section, i assume

i know i manually added all the car prefixes to our cars last week when the option was available.

There is also a option now to delete previous version as you update the mod.
Up North
Hi Rupe

I thought it was weird that it didnt have the car tag next to it, I definitely selected it as it shows up in the GSC download car section. Could you manually add it or i am better deleting and retrying?