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EU Group C @ Nordschleife - Tuesday 18th May 2021


Welcome to the RD Assetto Corsa Racing Club. @640er will be your host for this event.


Grow yourself a beard and put on your racing gloves, Group C is here. No ABS, no TC, up to 700PS and only 900kg.

On Tuesday 18th of May we're off to race the iconic Group C cars at the Nordschleife!!



This is a place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to everybody from rookies to the seasoned pros. You will always find people around your level to battle with, so jump on in! If you need any help the don't hesitate to ask right here on the forum or on race comms... there's no such thing as a stupid question!

Come join us and make the event one to remember!

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Server Password: click here
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Event Details

  • Cars: DLC is required for this event.
  • 18:00 UTC (19:00 DST) | Practice (75 minutes)
  • 19:15 UTC (20:15 DST) | Qualification (20 minutes)
  • 19:40 UTC (20:40 DST) | Race 1 (16 minutes)
  • Tea break 5 minutes
  • 20:10 UTC (21:10 DST) Race 2 (16 minutes) - Reverse grid top 5

Track: Nürburgring-Nordschleife
Driving Assists: Factory ABS, Factory TC, Tire blankets, Auto Clutch
Jump Start: = Drive Through
Track Temps: 30c
Track Condition: Clear

Useful links

  1. RaceDepartment Club Regulations
  2. RaceDepartment Discord
  3. Recommended App: Helicorsa (download here)
  4. Practice and race server password: click here

Entry List
  1. @Interslice - Porsche ST
  2. @HF2000 - Porsche ST
  3. @640er - Mazda 787b/C9
  4. @Erik Axelsson - Mazda 787b
  5. [USER=627367]@edo22[/USER] - Porsche ST
  6. @RasmusP - Mazda 787b/ST
  7. @Taj Johal - Porsche ST
  8. @Reik Major - Porsche ST
  9. @Kek700 Long tall big balls rocket
  10. @JamKart22 Mazda 787b
  11. ...
  12. ...

See you on track!
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A message to all Drivers,

If you run off track, you have to check to see that its clear before you re enter the track. Do not just keep the gas pinned and pull back on track.

When entering the track from the pits, stay off the racing line until you are up to speed. Do not race on your out lap, let other drivers by. On re-entering the track stay off the racing line until you are up to race speed and do not block any fast approaching car.

Golden Rule
  1. If you hit somebody off the track and carry on like nothing happened, you take the risk of being banned for 30 days.
  2. Instead, you should always wait for the affected drivers, and that way you can be 100% sure you will not get a ban.
Track limits
  1. No more than 2 wheels over the white/yellow line without a lift of the gas please.
    You will be penalized if you break our rules
Note: Please use your full real name in Discord. Not doing so may result in you being kicked from the server if an admin cannot identify you as a premium



I made this video a while back. Adventures in learning how to drive a group c car and nords at the same time, using full damage to train the brake pedal! I'll do an update at some stage. After this week and the recent regular group c races i've learned alot about both the cars and track. Alot of the mistakes in the lap are fairly obvious to me now looking back at it. No use of second gear from T1 to down to flugplatz for example. That a confidence thing aswell. Staying in third gear is safe once you brake that bit earlier.

The setup comparison to default at the start could be good, if like me you don't know the track so well. There are some pointers on how to survive tricky brake zones such coming back into the pit straight through tiergarten. I found the setup is steady on the anchors, particularly on the downhill brake zones where it can be inclined to want to enter sideways! Looking forward to comparing it to erik's nice pointy setup he posted for spa a while back.

Reik Major

Please sign me up with the ST! :) :thumbsup:

Never driven Group C at the Nordschleife until now but at least I know the track. ;) Now I hope to find some spare time to get in touch with this combo...


Please sign me up with the ST! :) :thumbsup:

Never driven Group C at the Nordschleife until now but at least I know the track. ;) Now I hope to find some spare time to get in touch with this combo...

You're in reik! Great to have you along! I don't find it any tougher in the ST than the GT3 Lambo. Lambo has better brakes and a slower entry speed but the ST is better in the medium and high speed corners. Swings and roundabouts! Audi maybe is similar.
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Reik Major

After my first ever test here with the ST here's my setup if you like to give it a try. It's basically the Spa setup with only a few tweaks to the tyres, fuel and gears.

It feels like I can handle it but it's not very stable, so use it at your own risk. ;) Any atempt to make it more stable also made it slower, more understeering and less willing tu turn. So I'll cope with it as it is.

Put me down with a Mazda for now. 2x 3 laps sound fun! :D

I bet one race will last 4 laps, because I can do laps quicker than 6:30 (not telling how much quicker). So if you multiply 6,5 minutes with 3 laps, you'll end at 19,5 minutes, so the race would take another lap to its end.


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