EU Group 4 @ Spa Francorchamps - Sat 18 Jan 2020

Ross Garland

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Welcome to the R3E racing club! This is the place to be for relaxed, friendly racing and our events are open to everybody from rookies to the seasoned pros. You will always find people around your level to battle with, so jump on in! If you need any help the don't hesitate to ask on TeamSpeak... there's no such thing as a stupid question!

All premium members can sign up for this event. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge! Not a premium member yet but interested in racing with our group of friendly drivers? Click here for more information and learn how you can participate.

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We highly recommend that you join us on
TeamSpeak, and that you use an app called Crew Chief.

Server Name: EU - Saturday
Cars: Group 4
Track: Spa-Francorchamps - Classic

Saturday 18/01/20
15:00 EDT / 20:00 UTC (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 15:30 EDT / 20:30 UTC (15 minutes)

Warmup: 15:45 EDT / 20:45 UTC (5 minutes)
Race: 15:50 EDT / 20:50 UTC (45 minutes) - Mandatory Pit Stop (minimum 2 tyres)

Entry List - 30 slots
  1. Ross Garland (Event Host)
  2. FeltHat
  3. stevem
  4. JACE323
  5. 2112
  6. PurgerUK
  7. David DeGreef
  8. Iguana46
  9. MoerasGrizzly
  10. emarchena
  11. ko41
  12. Steve Le Gallez
  13. Free slot
  14. Free slot
  15. Free slot
  16. Free slot
  17. Free slot
  18. Free slot
  19. Free slot
  20. Free slot


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Calvyn White

Calv Killmore
The Porsche I do not like. A bit unpredictable. It appears to think it can see the race track going in another direction and decides it's going that way. This car should be called Herbie 934 turbo RSR as it's got a mind of its own. And it did what it wanted, when it felt like it, little :poop: :p.

The BMW is much more agreeable to a degree. But now and again it makes the decision where it wants to go but not as bad as Herbie. I suppose you could call the BMW KITT but without the lip.:roflmao:
This combo will put your skills to the test and that is half the fun of it.
But be prepared to die several times.:cry:

Go slow, be consistent, concentrate, try not to use the brake or throttle, pray to your god, cut as many corners as you can, bribe Ross to add another car such as the Porsche 911 GT2 RS Clubsport. :roflmao:
But joking aside have fun. Here is my BMW top LB setup.



Question, been away from RF@ for a long time, where do I get Group 4 cars, I think I bought everything for RF2 on steam?


Ross Garland

Has everyone decided what car they'll be driving? I'm usually a Porsche fan, but I haven't raced the Gr4 M1 yet so that'll be my steed for tonight. :thumbsup:
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