GRID: New Trailer Revealed

A new trailer has been released for Codemasters upcoming arcade racer, GRID.

Designed with an ambition to reignite some of that fan passion fuelled by earlier GRID franchise games, the development of new title from Codemasters is currently in full swing back at Codies HQ. With release day drawing ever closer, the development team have revealed some further footage of the game in action - once again showing off the incredible visuals of what looks to be an impressive and worthy entry into the popular GRID franchise.

“As a team, we wanted to capture the essence of the original GRID which, in its day innovated the racing genre with best-in-class handling and the introduction of Flashback. We want to build on GRID’s legacy and create a game that focuses on three core pillars of choice & accessibility, motorsport stories and racing for glory, all of which are captured in the trailer,” said Chris Smith, GRID Game Director at Codemasters. “Accessibility and Choice allows players to race their way with handling options for both the core sim racer and casual players. Secondly, it’s about Glory and Prestige. We want players to feel excited no matter where they finish - whether that’s in first place or coming out on top against your arch nemesis. Lastly, it’s about the unpredictable stories that happen in Motorsport; it’s why we watch motorsport on TV. It’s the drama and those the key moments that get you sitting on the edge of your seat. GRID isn’t about a procession of cars. It’s tight overtakes, bumper-to-bumper scrapes and competitive racing action. We want everything including the car to be able to tell a story at the end of the race through its bumps and scrapes. GRID gives players drama, excitement and unique motorsport stories in every race".
Grid New Trailer Brands Hatch.jpg

Set to release on both console and PC this October 11th, GRID will feature a diverse range of cars across many categories of road and race, with customisation set to form one of the key features of the new title.

So far, all looks very good indeed.

GRID will launch on PC and console October 11th 2019.

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Mr Deap

I hope they don't implement real racing rules & implement them in a different way to me more viable, because it is a game.


Woo, it's 'simcade,' - don't say it's 'arcade,' you'll trigger a lot of fanbois! :p

Nah, really, I used to be a big Grid fan a few years ago, and was actually quite happy they were producing an accessible, yet not hardcore, game that let me familiarise myself with the basics of performance driving without too much of a hassle.

But then I grew into more and more serious sims, to AC, ACC and rF2 nowadays, and I kind of left Grid behind. I cannot imagine myself playing this new title.

That said, if someone is looking for what I have just described above, then it should be a great choice. A uniquely good one, even.

Nick Hill

Looks great and looks like a lot of fun. And no i am NOT a fanboy. It's a game people, if you want to race real cars do it, it's a lot of fun..... i do.
Seconded. Looks like heaps of fun, it's a question of setting expectations. If you expect/demand rFactor2, you'll hate it. Heck, this game isn't even going to be's gonna be pure "lol, I can't believe that just happened" cheap thrills.

As an aside, what do you run if you don't mind me asking, Doug? I am semi-seriously beginning the process of looking into Formula Vees...always curious to see what other RD'ers run in real life.
Grid never set out to offer realistic racing but one thing every grid game does well is the atmosphere, engaging gameplay and offer a partly realistic driving with some really interesting cars.

Grid 1, the original one was the game that made me interested in pcars and AC years ago. Along with shift series that serves as a great entry to more realistic games for the most part. I hope this new game will eventually bring more people into the more realistic side of racing games.

While for me, it’s something fun for me to pick up from time to time like how Grid Autosport and Gravel has been for me.


Will Grid have a adjustable FOV? Even "simcade's" should have that. Correct FOV in cockpit view is everything! Forza 7 does not have it and thus is completely unplayable on 32:9 screen.


I would like to see a story like the one in Race Driver 2. Simple but attractive, that keeps you playing.

"World series" is fine, but it's not that engaging.

Game looks fine to me, anyways, arcade fun with a little touch of realism.
"As a team, we wanted to capture the essence of the original GRID which, in its day innovated the racing genre with best-in-class handling" . Best-in-class handling ?!?!? Are they joking? I can understand Codemasters making race games for people who want to have a nice drive instead of struggling with a sim, but don't call it "best-in-class handling" !


I like these over saturated colors. For me graphics are a success, kudos to the designers.
It smells oil and tyre's smoke. Atmosphere of this game is great, fantastic lights too.
I will buy it for fun. My dream would be Grid's graphics with AMS ffb.
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