Grid Autosport gets official Oculus Rift support

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    We’ve been tinkering with VR for a while now and have reached the stage where we believe it’s working pretty well, and as such, we’ve decided to allow you to experience it for yourselves.

    If you have an Oculus Rift kit of your own and want to give it a try with GRID Autosport then below you’ll find some handy step by step instructions and additional information to get you set up.

    We have tested both the DK1 and DK2, and released support using SDK 0.4.1, which contains the Direct to HMD rendering mode, as well as extended desktop mode. We recommend using the Direct to HMD mode.

    This support is only experimental, and as such, there are some in-game options that may cause crashes if you try to change them in game – examples of these are changing resolution, and resizing the window.

    Official blog with further info
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