Green Flag Podcast, Guest sign-ups

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Liam Jenkins, Nov 21, 2012.

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    Liam Jenkins
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    So basically I have had a few people wanting to get involved with the show but not sure when or how to do so. I thought if I leave details here people can contact me directly and we can work something out! (Anyone is welcome)
    To get involved all you have to do is be able to discuss sim-racing for an hour or so (not too hard,right? :p) so it does require a headset. Then just add me on Skype (forzaliam) or leave a reply here telling me when you're free. This is important as I have to try and work things out with the second guest to get a mutual time. Once this has all been arranged I will send a word document of the basic outlines of discussion and from then on it's all plain sailing.
    So any questions then leave a reply or add me on skype , my twitter is @LiamJSimRacing if that's easier and I will talk to you all soon.
    I want to film episode 8 within the next 2 days so if you want to dive straight in the deep end this is the time to do it! hehe