Greece and Wales?

Playing this game like crazy but for the life of me i can't get a setup to work on those 2 rally's, even in the beginner champ i haven't won a stage(i know newb) but i loose so much, any help?
Atm i am looking help for rwd Lancia(70's) and 80's BMW love those cars.
Read this and this and this but still didn't made anything good out of it.
So any setups/pictures and such will be greatly apreciated
Using t500rs no handbrake, i am to newb for to much oversteer so a balanced setup works good for me
Thank you
I have one that is stable as.. um something!
< setup for this run and mannyy other top 10 times i have done , on both wales and greece (well top 10 on greece and top 30 on wales haha) important thing to note is i have -.33 camber angle on both rear and front
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