Great Britain 2010 - Marco Conti From the Back to Victory at Silverstone

Last weekend, Marco Conti climbed from the back of the grid to 2nd in the FSR World Series race at Silverstone. Later on the day, Stahre was disqualified after his car failed to pass the post race checks. Marco Conti then inherited the race win that he was so close to get during the actual race after a magnificent drive that saw him make multiple overtakes to reach the front positions. After not being able to take part in Qualify because of a car problem, Marco never gave up and fought all race long to achieve a well deserved win, the second win in a row for GhostSpeed in FSR World Series.

Karim Wezenberg had a different luck. Karim had a good start of the race and he was running strong in the top5 positions. But at the end of his first stint, he went to the pits together with the driver in front of him that stopped in the pit box immediately ahead. GhostSpeed’s pit crew was faster and Karim was surprised that the car in front hadn’t move yet and a small touch occurred when Karim tried to avoid him that was enough to take off Karim’s front wing. That destroyed Karim’s race that retired afterwards.
Stephane Rouault started well and he was running at the front together with Karim and very close to the leaders. He had a very action packed race that ended not so well since he had a puncture in the last lap of the race. He still got home in 9th.

In FSR AutoGP World Championship, GhostSpeed left Silverstone disappointed after a race without points for the team. Dennis Hirrle made a big effort and pushed as much as he could in the race but he could only reach 12th. Dennis wasn’t in his best physical conditions for this race but he still raced and tried hard.

In FSR World Trophy, Mark Aalberts had good pace to reach a good result but he was unable to get it because of technical problems caused by the hot temperatures that forced him to retire early in the race. The team will now work hard to fix this and see Mark fighting for the top positions in the next races.

Video by Marco Conti

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