Gravle Traps and Safe Areas

R Soul

Check the Terrain video (on the video page) from about 6:05 onwards. It shows how to change the material on selected polygons. It also mentions blending, which can give the gravel trap a soft edge.

Steve G

uko1 I merge tracks by using the 2 and 3 payne which is the profile and 3d images select the nodes at the end of the track of which Im trying to merge then lift the node or lower it until it just passes thru the track,it is time consuming but it seems to work ok..I will try to put some pics together to show you


R Soul than you, but i still have a problem, gravel traps works like a grass or smt. How can i make it stick more?

R Soul

It depends on what game you're making your track for, but if you're using the gravel that comes with BTB, the rFactor material name is grvl, which is meant for gravel roads. To change it to a gravel trap, set the material name to gtrp. I've not done that before so I don't know how it will feel, but it's worth a try.

On the subject of merging tracks, recently I uploaded a video tutorial. In total it is 230MB, but it does take you through a repeatable process, meaning you can practice on one set of tracks and apply it to another set with similar results:


You can also edit the characteristics of the gravel traps to make them stick more or less, have more or less bumps, change the size of those bumps, etc. You need to open the materials file (.tdf, .scn, I can't remember which one right now, but you can open them to check), look for the name of the material you've assigned to the gravel trap (gtrp) and edit the numerical values you see there. Be careful to do so in small intervals, though, as small changes make a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference in the feel of the materials.
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