Gravel Trap video tutorial

Are you satisfied with mediocrity? Do your gravel traps have hard edges where you changed materials? Use any of the techniques in the following video and the next time people see your gravel traps, they will marvel:

Very good and thank you for making and sharing this video!

I have learned a few things from this that I will try. I'm a bit apprehensive of using the track method, as I've encountered many troubles using track pieces for anything other than the default/main track itself (I've even made extensions and separate layouts using wall pieces and terrain materials over using separate track pieces).

Are you familiar with using a background image for these things? I've been thinking about producing either a hugely HD image of my track from above or multiple smaller images of features like gravel traps and access roads and then blending them,

Your willingness to share your knowledge is so nice to see, thank you!