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Graphite Autosport BMW

Skins Graphite Autosport BMW 1.2

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Whalenap submitted a new resource:

#70 Graphite Autosport BMW - Here is the dark grey livery of the fictional belgian team Graphite Autosport.

Graphite BMW

Dark grey livery of the fictionnal belgian team Graphite Autosport.
Hope you enjoy it ! Merry Christmas everyone !


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To install this skin, simply extract the downloaded archive in the following directory :
documents/assetto corsa competizione

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Whalenap updated #70 Graphite Autosport BMW with a new update entry:


Just small optimizations in order to reduce global weight of the png files, so that you can join a server without disturbing other driver with lag.

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If you want more content, or if you have a particular request, you can go there :



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