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Graphic noob question.

After a fresh OS install my Rbr seems to be working fine. I have just one weeee graphic issue in that the occasional panel of the car or say a finish line red marker change to white and back. Kinda 'flickering' if ya know what I mean.

I thought I would ask here for a specific setting so I don't start clicking every button and fook it up as usual :roflmao:
I know its something simple, but I don't want to get the dreaded black lines again.

Was it no AA? And does no AA give the black lines of doom?

Vista 64, Nvidia GTx570


try this: Anti-Aliasing Mode - Super-sample AA (Quality) (mainly its for ATI users)
By defould I dont have ney problem with defoult settings on my GF GTX 760
I have this settings and all works good:
Antialiasing - FXAA - off
Antialiasing - Gamma correction - On
Antialiasing - Mode - Application-contrelled
Antialiasing - Setting - Application-contrelled
Antialiasing - Transparency - Off
Shader Cashe - ON
Texture filtering - Anistropic sample optimization - Off
Texture filtering - Quality Quality
Texture filtering - Triliniar Optim. - On
Triple buffering - On
Verical sync - Use the 3D application settings
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