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The upcoming official Grand Tour videogame will utilise technology developed in rFactor 2, it has been confirmed.

Published by the big budget Amazon Games Studio, the upcoming arcade racer the Grand Tour Videogame has a rather surprising technology base at the very core of its development - the Image Space Incorporated created rFactor 2 ISI gMotor 2 game engine - surprise!

Of course not an exact extract from rF2, the Grand Tour Game has been developed with the aid of Studio 397 and several other industry expert companies, with a bespoke graphic engine and physics tailored to suit a more arcade centric driving experience for players of all different skill sets and experiences to enjoy.

Expected to release this coming January 15th, the Grand Tour will be a rather unique game as it contains one very interesting feature - namely the title will coincide with the new series of Grand Tour and feature new unlockable content that directly relates to each episode of the Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond motoring show.

“I think I’m justified in saying that we’re the first video game team in history to make a game that launches day-and-date with a weekly live airing TV show,” said Amazon Games Studio Craig Sullivan to MCVUK.​

"I started off underplaying how significant it is, because we kind of take it for granted now. I’ve been working on the game since April last year when I joined Amazon. And then I realised as we were talking about it more and more: ‘Has anybody done this before?’ And we realised the answer to that was no.”
Unfortunately it looks likely that PC gamers will have to miss out on the game adventure of the new title, with just PS4 and Xbox One players expected to have an opportunity to purchase the title next year via Digital Pass, with new content deployed weekly in line with the Amazon exclusive Grand Tour TV show.

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... Why use rF2 as a base for an arcade game? Whether you like the physics engine or not, I'm given to understand it has the most complex tire model and overall a very detailed physics engine. That's pretty much wasted on an arcade title. That choice doesn't really make any sense to me.


Powered by rFactor 2 yet not coming to PC go figure
Sounds like it's just the physics module, not all of rF (or rF2?).

“We had to do a lot very quickly and we wanted to do the best possible job – just making a fun driving model takes a long time,” Sullivan tells us. “So we were lucky to work with Studio 397, who were the guys who made rFactor and they accelerated a lot of our development – we use rFactor physics in our game.”


Console people will be happy if they can brag about their game being based on the supposedly most realistic racing sim engine, arcade or not. Good choice if you ask me.

Actually if the gameplay if fun and there are funny conversation streets in the game I am definitely interested. Hell, I would even pay for monthly conversation street DLCs should they be a thing.


It is an interesting choice imo, a good opportunity for S397 to make something with this engine and find money in true projects instead of selling DLCs for an early access sim to bore customers.

If it's technically a flawless title, it will give a good example to other developpers that they can use this strong physics engine to produce any kind of racing title (who can do the more can do the least...). And if they manage to use another graphic engine, well, that will be the proof it's possible to keep the best of rFactor2 and to throw away its worse part.

So, these are good news for rFactor2.
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Well, Jeremy has never been very good with advanced technologies... Imagine him, dealing with new GPU drivers every second day*... With a console (and a hammer) he should be just fine.
*I'd like to take this opportunity to say hello to AMD guys.


Jeremy Clarkson's moves were too arcade to me, and now Jeremy Clarkson with a good physics ? I'm in :D

Eugene Abramoff

Why? It is the most hardcore arcade game out there. I've got a chance to play it at a public event and it is literally Mario Cart. That is not to say it's bad, on the contrary, it is really fun, more fun than Mario Cart. I don't see how it needs a comprehensive engine with those physics.


Why? It is the most hardcore arcade game out there. I've got a chance to play it at a public event and it is literally Mario Cart. That is not to say it's bad, on the contrary, it is really fun, more fun than Mario Cart. I don't see how it needs a comprehensive engine with those physics.
Why should it be arcade though?
I don't get the logic?
Is it the old sim racers logic of 'if its made for the mass market it must be easy to drive and arcade..."
News flash, driving cars IS EASY!!!
And made for the mass market...
Humans invented cars so they made them ever easier to drive.... the car is doing all the work these days anyway....
If a 'game' is making a car spin around at 180 degrees on a dry track going 30 mph round a bend it is not a sim.... NOT the other way around.......
So fed up with idiots in sim racing... CARS GRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!

GPL was wrong wrong wrong, rfactor 1 was wrong and FINALLY they admitted this with rfactor 2 last year.....

Will Mazeo

He is repeating what he read elsewhere, as ever. Studio 397 head's words on their Discord channel.
This was actually said when the game was announced. Look for the engine name + the grand tour you'll probably find some info. It's also called Amazon engine, not sure.
Just because something uses a decent engine does not mean it will look good. Fortnite looks stupid and runs on UE4.

As for the "why rF2?"... maybe it's easier to make an arcade game with a sim. I mean if you ever messed up with rF1/2 physics file you can see it's not hard to make an arcade car, you give it a ton of grip and downforce, a convincing CoG and you are done.
rF1 tire model is present in rF2 so they probably use that instead of rF2 tires, then you have the benefit of a 64bit system already with 24h cycle, weather, AI, rejoin (if they drive online). Etc.
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