Grand Prix or Career?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Scott Main, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Scott Main

    Scott Main

    I've been playing F1 games since the original Formula One came out on the PS1 waaaay back in '95 (actually, I've been playing 'em since Formula 1 Simulator appeared on the CPC464 in the early 80's but Formula One was the first fully licensed one), and until comparatively recently there was no career mode in these things - F1 '04 I think was the first to do it. Being a bit of an old duffer (according to my kids anyway) I still tend to view a GP season as the "main" mode of play, with career being a nice distraction once I've played through the season a few times. Old habits and all that...

    I get the impression that many, if not most folks on here focus on the Career mode of the game. Now, I do like (and play) the career mode with the whole car development thing and working your way up from the minnows (do they even use that expression any more, or am I just showing my age now?) and whatnot but I'm curious to know if anyone else regularly uses the Grand Prix mode as their main mode of play?
  2. Roy Sutton

    Roy Sutton

    Yes i do because its a great place to do some important testing, in fact i never finished career mode in F1 2010 because most of my time was spent either online or in grand prix mode. I think i completed about 4 races thats all in career mode lol. I do want to do the career mode in F1 2011 though because its far more entertaining than what F1 2010 was.
  3. Chris Preston

    Chris Preston

    I play Grand Prix a lot just because it allows me to race at whatever track whenever I want. In F1 2010 i went through 4 seasons, in F1 2011 i haven't even started lol.
  4. DikiDino


    I can say 490hrs of my F1 2010 time is spent on career mode. never really play grandprix mode as i felt that career mode creates more situation. You may lack upgrade, things can happen. While in GP mode, its more or less quite static to me.

    In career mode, it gave me the feeling like what can i expect from the next upgrades. Handling the media and the stay up to expectation if i'm boosting my words & etc... Working the way up and to see what kind of offer i can get from bigger team is another thing that caught me in career mode.

    I'm a person that dont really like stagnent, static. I love to expect the unexpected. LOL

    With the new legend AI, i believe F1 2011 will make me sink another 500hrs in career mode. Haha
  5. Mike Coleman

    Mike Coleman

    GP for testing (10%), career mode (90%)