Grand Prix 4 Formula One Career Season 2000

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Oct 28, 2013
Race Department Formula One career season 2000

Welcome to the Formula One career season 2000 presented by RaceDepartment. This game is powered by Grand Prix 4 made by Geoff Crammond & MicroProse.

You can join whenever there's an empty seat (see the driver lineups further down), giving following information:

Driver name: (forename) (name)
Sponsor type: (quali) (race)
First buys:

Waiting List:

You should make a post after every GP. This can be only your buys for next round, but an additional small statement about the previous race would also be very welcome.
Making posts like "all money on xxx until I say other" is allowed, however you're still required to make a post after every race (e.g. in form of a post race comment). This is to prevent having ghost drivers in this series.
An exception to this is if you're on holiday, or have any other reason that prevents you from making buys. Then of course you're not required to post after the races, but please notify your absence beforehand.
If you fail to post between two races you'll get a warning. 4 warnings will see you removed from your race seat. Having only little money is no excuse for not posting.

You're allowed to use your custom helmet. You'll find the things you need to paint one, as well as some short instructions, here:
Send me your painted helmets in .psd format via pm.
If you want, you can also use a helmet of a real driver. Just tell me which one in this case.
Liveries won't be updated, simply as that would take too much time.

Race weekends:
The races will be simulated with GP4. Every GP has the qualifying and the race. The weather will be set accordingly to the real-life conditions of the respective GP.

Negotiations for new contracts will start with about 5 races to go. To receive a renewal from your current team, you should have
a) reached the objective set by the team, or at least be very close to it, and
b) have scored at least half of the points that have been necessary to reach the objective.

The better you're placed in the driver standings, the better the offers that you'll receive will be. When receiving an offer, you have 3 options: accept, decline, or wait. If you get an offer, and decide to wait, don't wait too long, else the team may approach other drivers.

The length of the contract is 1 year, always.

Point System:
Will follow the point system used in the respective F1 season, currently
1: 10 pts
2: 6 pts
3: 4 pts
4: 3 pts
5: 2 pts
6: 1 pt

Cash System & Rewards:
Newcomers start with 500$ + 50$ for every missed race in their pockets.
At the end of a season, every driver is allowed to carry over 1000$ plus the reward for the position in the final standings to the next season. You can decide yourself when you want to start saving money.
Left over money will be stored in the drivers bank account, which is limited to 1000$
After half of a season, the drivers in the bottom half of the standings are allowed to use 500$ of their bank account to make buys. This is to give them a chance to close up a bit to the top.
The WCC reward that the teams get can only be used for teambuys=car upgrades.

You can choose sponsors (one for quali, one for race) to gain extra money during a race weekend.
It's allowed to change one sponsor during the season, that means either quali or race, at the cost of the winnings. That means, that if for example you want to change from quali A to quali C, you have to pay 150$, or from race D to race B you have to pay 500$.

Market Place:
Between the GPs, you can buy upgrades for car and/or driver with the earned sponsor money. During a GP, you can't make any buys. You're not allowed to buy (driver)upgrades for your teammate.

The skill & variation buys always have to be a multiple of 5/10. This is to make it easier for me to update the performance file.
BHP and cof values have to be whole numbers.
It is allowed to increase/decrease your team's cof/BHP values, however your teammate has to agree to that.

Link to the Wiki
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Oct 28, 2013

Activity checks will be done more severe this season. Warnings received are listed below.

Market place has been updated. Variation buys have new costs, and I've also added a line concerning buys that worsen the team values. These have to be confirmed by both drivers now.

Following drivers had their bank accounts cut off due to exceeding the limit:
Ben Utzer: -400
Lesley Buurlage: -350
Jack Hunsley: -850
Rami Saidy: -850
Tobi Kederer: -50
Steven Poirier: -1350
Joel Rautavaara: -350

1st warning
@Aidan Keranen

2nd warning
@Jack Hunsley
@Takuma Ishikawa
@Manolis Sigoulakis

3rd warning

4th warning/kicked
@James McNamara
@Steven Poirier
@Ben Herbert
@William Néron
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Had things gone my way, who knows..
Nov 11, 2013
Team money:
+3 quali BHP
one Ancevski special (add 50$ from me)
@oldwolf can you confirm that? :)

My buys:
+7 quali BHP (1050$)
and sponsors A/C
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Had things gone my way, who knows..
Nov 11, 2013
fine, I'll add 100$ to the team money for 1 quali BHP instead, so 4 quali BHP
and going to change my buys to +6 quali BHP and gonna save the 50$ for later use
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