Gran Turismo Touring Car championship

Jimi Miller

Oct 12, 2014
Hello friend! Welcome to the Gran Turismo Touring Car Championship (GTTCC). This is a series put together by myself, in order for people to socialize and have fun, close racing.

What is the GTTCC?
The GTTCC is an organised racing series that is based on the official WTCC and BTCC and other Touring car series. The series uses cars that you would use for work or socialising, but slightly modified. All cars that compete must have 4 doors with a 2.0 litre engine or under.
Signing up
If you wish to sign up, you must contact one of the hosts, and post on the thread in the following format;
PSN ID / Car Choice / Team Name / # / Body & Wheel color
For example:
True-blue-8 / Honda / Diesel Pig Racing / #58 / Blue & Orange
you will also nee to add True-blue-8 on PSN
When will the races take place?
Races will take place Wednesday evenings.
Race timetable
The night's racing will work in the following way (all times are correct as of BST): (If you need to convert to your local time, please click here.)
18:00 - Room open for practice
18:45 - All drivers are expected to of joined the room
18:50 - Track reset and spec checks
19:00 - Qualifying begins
19:10 - Race 1 begins
19:30 - Race 1 finishes
19:30 - 5 minute break
19:35 - Super-Pole
19:40 - Race 2 Starts
20:00 - Race 2 finishes
20:10 - Race 3 starts
20:20 - Race 3 finishes
Room Settings
Tyre/fuel depletion - fast - Off for Race 3
Light damage
real slipstream
Real grip reduction
False start on
ABS and driving line are the only driving aids allowed
Race Rules
Qualifying will be a 10 minute session, where you will be allowed to set your best lap, this will be followed by race 1 which will be roughly a 20 minute race. You are required to make a mandatory pit during the race in a pit window, which will be announced before the race.
After race 1 is the Super-Pole. All drivers will start in the pits, they will then drive out on their out lap. After the Out lap, everyone will only be allowed one flying lap to complete their fastest lap and determine the grid for Race 2. If a driver completes an extra lap they will receive a penalty for race 2 and a reprimand.
Race 2 will be the same as Race 1, the starting grid will be based on the Super-Pole results
Race 3 will be a 10 minute sprint, no pit stop is required. The grid will be based on Reverse results from Race 2. The object of this race is to give drivers who would finish at the back of the grid an opportunity to win and should provide some exciting racing.

All cars must meet their Correct Specifications. All cars must run with Sports Soft tyres.
Wings are allowed to be fitted, however Aero Kits, flat floors and other Aero parts are banned. Any drivers found to be using these (we will check) will be disqualified and handed a reprimand.
Success Ballast
To keep the championship as close as possible, the top 5 drivers will receive a success power reduction.

1st : -50bhp
2nd : -40bhp
3rd : -30bhp
4th : -20bhp
5th : -10bhp

The top 5 drivers in the championship will receive the penalties for Race 1 at each new round.
The season will consist of 6 Rounds. (18 Races)

Pre-Season test race - Autumn Ring

1. Cape Ring South
2. Willow Springs (Big Willow)
3. Daytona
4. Trial Mountain Circuit
5. Brands Hatch Indy 80's
6. Rome
7. Apricot Hill Raceway
Point System
1st - 20pts
2nd - 18pts
3rd - 16pts
4th - 14pts
5th - 12pts
6th - 10pts
7th - 9pts
8th - 8pts
9th - 7pts
10th - 6pts
11th - 5pts
12th - 4pts
13th - 3pts
14th - 2pts
15th - 1pt
16th - 0pts

2 Points will be awarded to pole position in Q1 and Super-Pole
1 points will be awarded for fastest lap in each race
1 point will be awarded if you lead a lap during the race (Only 1 point no matter how many laps you lead)

Disconnections will be classified as a mechanical failure.
Drivers who do not finish the race within the allotted time will also not be classified.

Drop Scores
A driver is allowed two drop scores during the season, however these drop scores may only be taken from round 1-6.

There will be a driver's, teams, manufactures and independent trophy available.
Other Notes
  • If a driver has an incident they wish to report. They must send a message to myself or another steward mikey_2412, NinjitsuEvolved, smith1001. The Stewards panel will then review the incident and come to a decision. Drivers may be handed a reprimand, penalty, or anything else the stewards see fit to give.
  • You will be allowed 24hours then to appeal the decision. Any appeals after this time will not be re-investigated.
    • If you recieve the following number of Reprimand on your licence, you will receive the following penalties;
    • 3 Reprimands - 5 Place Grid Penalty at the next Race
    • 5 Reprimands - Drive through Penalty at the next Race
    • 6 Reprimands - 10 point Championship Reduction
    • 8 Reprimands - Drive through penalty at the next Race
    • 9 Reprimands - Race Ban
    • 10 Reprimands - Drive through penalty at the next Race
    • 12 Reprimands - Series Ban
  • Drivers may be penalized for both on and off track behaviour.
  • 2 wheels are to be kept inside the white lines at all times, if you happen to cut a corner, lift off so no advantage is gained.
  • Dive-bombing is not acceptable. If you are following a driver, you can not force your way into that gap. The half a car's length rule will apply. Anything else will be investigated. 'You left a gap' is not a valid excuse.
  • Teams may be allowed up to 3 drivers, but only 2 of the drivers scores will be counted per round. Team-mates can use different cars must run the same colour cars.
  • Driver's must run with the correct numbers on, if they wish to change they must do so prior to the race. Any driver found not running the number will receive a warning. 2 warnings = 1 reprimand.
All rules are there for a reason, drivers, including the host, do not receive special credit. Please read all rules before signing up. 'I was not aware of that rule' is not a valid excuse. By signing up you agree to all the rules.

The GTTCC is a series set up by a group of guys who enjoy racing, socializing and having fun. We like to get every driver involved and feel welcome. Any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask or say. Best of luck and have fun. :tup: :cheers:

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Jimi Miller

Oct 12, 2014
Car List/specs


Ford Focus ST '13
1/4 Available (320bhp 1280kg)


Honda Civic Type R '08
1/4 Available (285bhp 1200kg)


Renault Sport Megané R.S '08
2/4 Available (330bhp 1280kg)


Suzuki Swift Sport '05
1/4 Available (320bhp 1075kg)


Volkswagon Golf IV GTI '01
3/4 Available (350bhp 1120kg)