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Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter (STABLE)

Misc Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter (STABLE) 1.4

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vatsky submitted a new resource:

Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter (BETA) - GTS ppfilter for Assetto Corsa

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Here is my GTS ppfilter for Assetto Corsa. Do not hesitate to use it no matter the situation and the conditions to be sure to see what goes or not like that. This is my first filter so please be indulgent. I put my 20 years of photography knowledge to good use and try my best to reproduce a good camera render so I hope it will be good for you as much as it has been for me for the past few months. It's still a first beta version so I would probably change...

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Long story short: I highly suggest just asking questions in the ppfilter discord (zpDTYDB)

I am not very experienced, but you can see a sol_custom_configs folder in the ppfilters folder. If you put a lua in there with the same name of ur filter, you can edit values from the sol config. So that means when you load ur ppfilter, it loads all the value settings you put in ur lua.
Well i think thats how it works.

(Example of this benefitting is editing the lua so at lets say 8pm it is very warm, and at 1 pm its very cold. Normally u cant do that without a lua, you need to find a medium that balances it out. So with a lua you dont have to do that)

I myself havent made a lua mainly because im lazy, but if you want to learn what the values do you can check the "custom config example.lua". Also check out other peoples work to see how they have done it.
Here are some shots with the latest version, i only turned auto-exposure off in the PPF file, and yes, to have the color grading file working, you have to really change the path to the full path on your system.
Great work @vatsky
I don't know if the filter is working properly after putting all the file in place. I chose the GTS filter in the settings and went into the game but I couldn't tell the difference. Then I went back to the settings and the ppfilter was blank. Besides, I don't know if the Sol config needs to be adjust manully or does it just apply your settings automatically?
Hello, i have done everything it has told me too but i dont know how to modify the game directory, and when i open up content manager do i turn it on or does it turn on by itself?