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Gran Turismo HUD

Apps Gran Turismo HUD 1.2.1

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Vegetable Tsai submitted a new resource:

Gran Turismo HUD - The Real HUD Simulator


What you can get in V1.0:
A full-screen Gran Turismo 5 HUD with fixed layout.
You can only change the scale and the position through "GT Settings" app.
An option to change the unit from "Metric" to "Imperial".
Proper calculated red zone and rev indicator.
Gear Indicator with clutch detection.

What's next in future updates?
Tyre Temperature, handbrake, and traction control support.
Analog Meters.
Gran Turismo 4 theme.


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rather frustratingly i cant get this to run at all. shaders patch is installed, but trying to use it just causes the game to crash to desktop.

aaaaaany ideas why?
Vegetable Tsai updated Gran Turismo HUD with a new update entry:

Analog Meters & small

New features and changes in V1.1:
Analog Meters. (with option to turn off.)
Handbrake Indicator.
Fuel Gauge now turns red when running out of fuel. (<10%)

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Hate to ask but is is possible to make optional the lap timer in the upper middle of the screen? I always found it distracting in GT.
Thanks for the update! Analog option is awesome. Any progress on the tyre display? This mod has replaced almost all other apps for me with the exception of tyres. Keep up the fantastic work!