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GPS TrackMaker and RBR

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Lotus49, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Lotus49


    Well i downloaded the GPS Track maker and I walked around with my Garmin Nuvi 260w. However its so innacurate.. take a look. I walked down the road and back. on each side. How do i make a track if its this innacurrate? Is there a way to hack my gps to make it more sencstive?

  2. Eric Tozer

    Eric Tozer

    In your pic whenever you are near trees your signal has become erratic.
    Thats because the direct line to the satellite has been blocked.

    Try to find some clear space away from trees & give your GPS some time to get a fix on as many satellites as possible. Give it around 5 minutes.

    Other than that theres not really much you can do except fix it in BTB.
  3. lordpantsington


    Unless you get access to surveyors gear, that is how it's going to be. IIRC off the shelf gps has "accuracy" of 10m.
  4. 42Cliff


    skip the GPS totally, unless you have one of those $1200+ systems designed to be used for race telemetry which has an inertial correction.

    standard GPS only updates every 5 seconds I think, and they are deliberately detuned by the us military.

    If you want accurate GPS tracks, either use topofusion (can use custom elevation files) or google earth/maps to make a GPX/kml file that you can import.

    also, you can use mwsnap and hugin to make background pics, and then use a elevation script to elevate the track you make (pre0.7BTB),(elevation data varies in quality depending on location, outside USA is limited data, if using us gov data, better local sources May be available)

    edit: btw, a soccer field is a great way to calibrate your background image (scale it) since if its official it uses standard measurements for the line markings.
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