GPS file

Yves Larose

May 28, 2008
i was wondering what exactly a GPS file do in BTB, does it actually create the layout out of the track all by itself ? if yes is there a place where we can find those files or how we can do them ourself.



Apr 1, 2009
Hi again :party2:

First of all, GPS - GPX files, are imposible to import in BTB in actually version.

You can only import a KML (google earth) or CSV (text format, Excel).

A track layout, log or GPS data, like you call, only "draw" the road surface, not mountain and obviuslly, objects ...:rotfl:

Then you need correct this road bugs and start with the terrain, mountain and objects.

Have a nice day!


Apr 1, 2009
Copy & paste from another post by me:

Read it carefully :laugh2:

Download the stage KMZ data of the rally you want from:

2008 year:

2009 Year:

Next, you want, open Google Earth, choose your stage and save the track mesh.

Now, go to and in choose a file section, take your KMZ stage file.

The next step is, choose the save format, (I choose GPX) and now click in Convert & Add Elelevation.

It's done! Now you need Install (If you haven't got, 3D Route Builder and click in File - Open Route and there, choose your GPX file.

Now, you will see a elevation data with a altimeter line and lot of numbers colums and data under of it.

You need press Ctrl + A for select in blue all the colums and then go to Route - Altitude - Update from Geo Tool and now, the software start to update percent by percent the altitude of GPX file to get, better and "accurate" elevation data.

When it finish, click in File tollbar and choose the Export option and save it in GPX file and then, export again but in KML file!

Now, It easy, open Piddy's BTB and import the route like open ended and All samples imoprting options

For example, I upload here my data source files:

And here, the BTB proiect folder, for give the use you want ...

Now, is your time to test it! Keep it!


don't forget topofusion, its free and you can use custom DEM files to adjust existing GPS tracks if you have access to better than SRTM elevation data (aka anywhere outside USA or if you have access to better data like LIDAR.)


these are the pre made gps files I'm playing with:

all the US rallies have gps data for their stages, only downside is 1m elevation resolution

the interesting stuff I'm playing with is free LIDAR data in california .. its a pain to work with but I have hopes for the future ..

This road keeps bugging me in my dreams: :D


I also have some Decent GPS files from greece if you want to play with them.