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GPLM - Part VI : A New Generation (1990-99)


1945. The war is over. At last, the war is finally over. So can we race again ? Like before ?
A year later, the A.I.A.C.R. changed its name to become the famous F.I.A., and started to work on an open-wheeler championship to be launched in 1950. Formula One was born. But what if history was slightly different ?

This is what I propose you in taking part in this game…

Welcome to the Grand Prix Legacy Manager forum game. In this game you’re playing your own Grand Prix team which will try to leave his mark on the World Grand Prix history. You build and develop your car, you sign your drivers and you try to win races and championships during several decades.

Rules & Game Process :
The races in this game are run 4 at a time. Between each round (so 4 races), a Setup Window will be open for 48h to let you upgrade your car (see Setup Window section below). Once the deadline has passed or everybody have sent me their actions in PM, the next round of races will happen.

At the end of each season, alongside the Setup Window for next season, a Driver Market will be open for 48h to let you sign a driver if you need to (see Drivers’ Signings section below).

Once the deadline has passed or everybody have sent me their wish-lists and/or their actions in PM a new season begins.
The main goal of the game is to get the best car possible to win races and championships. The pace of each car is determined by its Pace Points (PP). The more PP you have, the faster your car will be. During every Setup Window, you will have to make a choice : set-up your car, make it faster, or build a new one.

The way to set-up your car is to find your « target number ». You will have to guess. It is a random number from 100 to 999 which is set once and which is different for each car. The closer you are to this number, the faster your car will be.

To help you find this number, I will give you 2 infos every round :
• A symbol made that way, + means that your target number is above the one you’ve given me, - means below and = means of course that you’ve found your number. The amount of symbols also tells you how far you are to your target following this table :

• Your rank from the closest to the farthest, which determines in fact your PP bonus. It means that if you are very far from your target number, as long as you’re the closest, you’ll get the same PP bonus as if you were the only one who found it. It’s all based on ranks and not on value (which would be to easy to beat)
The team which is the closest will get only 25PP and every rank below represents a 3PP loss.

However, your « target number » will not change or reset. It is set forever. Which means that once you’ve found your number, you can’t make your car faster. So this is it ? The game ends ? Of course not, because of the Technology value…
The Technology value is a number which represents a PP bonus that slowly increases through time by 1PP every round. This number is also displayed in purple on the top right corner of every setup window picture.

Every team can get this PP bonus if they decide to build a new car. Once a team launches a new car during a Setup Window, its base PP will be increased by the amount of Technology PP that was currently set. Then the Technology value (top right corner) will keep increasing but the Technology PP bonus for the team that decided to build a new car won’t.

And building a new car means also getting a new « target number ». The whole tactics of the game is based on this system. Is it time to build a new car but start from scratch with my number ? Can I stay at the top with my current car while my opponents are creating new ones with a better Technology Bonus ?

Example :

You can see that every team are at the same technology level (0). But the Team A has already found his target number (=). Team B then decides to create a new car.

So for the next round, and with a new number to find, Team B becomes the worst team in terms of setup (#4) but their Technology advantage makes them already better than the Team D... who also decides to launch a new car !

Team D becomes the worst team in terms of setup (#4) which helps Team B to get faster. In the meantime, Team C also found its target number (=).

The round after, Team B found his target number (=) which gives him the best car as he has a better Technology Value (3) than Team A and Team C who still race with their first car.

A team can launch the creation of a new car at anytime, as long as the Technology Value has increased at least by 5.
An exception is made for those who become WDC and/or WCC during a season. They are not allowed to build a new car during the off-season market that follows their title. They'll have to wait at least one market (so 4 races) to create a new chassis.
Every driver will be signed for a certain amount of seasons. Once his contract is over, a driver becomes free and every one can sign him. Drivers can be signed for 1, 2, 3 or 4 years. But every 4 seasons, there will be a « contract reset » and all the drivers will be free at the same time. So it means that if, for example, the « contract reset » is in 2 seasons, you will only be able to sign someone for 1 or 2 years.

The signings process is a draft system where every team that has a free seat gets a « signing position ». The #1 team will choose anyone he wants, then the #2 will pick a guy from those who are still available, and so on. In order to make the signings as fluent and fast as it can be, every team manager will have to send me in PM a driver wishlist (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 drivers, it depends on your signing position). They’ll get the best pick I can give them according to the signing order.

During the « contract reset », every team will have both their seats free. For 48h, the drivers’ market will be open so that all the teams can sign their first driver. Then the drivers’ market will remain open for another 48h to let the teams send me a new wishlist with the drivers that are still available to get their second drivers.

Teams will receive a « signing position » according to their current Prestige. It is a value that is based on the results a team had during the last 5 seasons. The better the results were, the higher their « signing position » will be. A team that was able to get a title 2 years ago is more attractive for a driver than a team who never won anything. However, a team that has won the title last season is even more attractive. I don’t need to give you the exact formula that is used to calculate the Prestige, you should easily understand how it works. Every past results prior to 5 years does not count. For example, McLaren won more titles than RedBull, but the last RedBull results are currently way more attractive for a driver.

Notice that you are not allowed to fire, sell or trade a driver in this game.
Drivers have their pace also calculated in PP which evolves through time. They progress to reach their peak (and only one peak for each driver) then become slower every year until they retire. Every « growth curve » is different and I’ve designed a more in-depth drivers’ pace evolution to get more variability according to each F1 driver profile. Those curves are made to fit their real evolution throughout their F1 career.

They are rated on /20 and this rating is also their PP. No driver should never reach 20 and no driver in this game should probably be rated under 9. The worst driver we would have should get a peak at around 12 or 13.

However, you will NEVER know the rating of a driver. According to your knowledge, you will have to guess but I’m not letting you completely blind :
During the Driver Market, I will always show you the available drivers ranked based on their current rating. This way you will know who is faster than who but you won’t be able to know how much they are faster.

Drivers need also to adapt to their teams. A driver who just signed with a new team will get his rating lowered by 1PP. After one year, it will only be lowered by 0.5PP. Then the year after he’ll just get back his regular rating. However, the nationality of the driver can help him to adapt quicker to his new team. If an Italian team signs an Italian driver, his rating will only be lowered by 0.5PP as if he was already engaged with this team for a season.
Every race is simulated with Excel sheets. The concept couldn’t be more simple, we simply add the PP of the car to the PP of the driver to get an overall PP for each race participant. Then we add a 4PP random value for everyone in order to get variability. It means that you can’t beat someone who is at least 4PP faster than you. Reliability is designed to be as fair as it can be and follow a « random script ». Each driver will finish 2 races per round.. randomly.
There are 12 races per season, no more, no less.
Each team has to register 2 drivers for each season that will have to race the whole year for the team.
Championship points are awarded to the top eight finishers each race on a 10 - 8 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 basis.
History :
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Season Standings History 1950-1959
Season Standings History 1960-1969
Season Standings History 1970-1979
Season Standings History 1980-1989
Season Standings History 1990-current
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1990 World Grand Prix Season (1-4)

Setup Window is now open for 48h :thumbsup: !
A total of 9 career points IRL for Bellof and Gachot, but here they go 1-2 at Monaco. What a controversy!


I breathe a lot. I guess i just really like air.
A total of 9 career points IRL for Bellof and Gachot, but here they go 1-2 at Monaco. What a controversy!
Nah, IRL Bellof was a massive talent in died too early. And here he has 4 titles already
Isnt much of a controversy to me

1990 World Grand Prix Season (5-8)

Setup Window is open for 48h :thumbsup: !

1990 World Grand Prix Season (9-12)

The 1990 season is over ! Congratulations to the winners !

Off season instructions will follow...