GPL | 2020 Demo Now Available

Grand Prix Legends... an all-time classic racing simulation. Now complete with a brand new and heavily refreshed community created demo version for 2020!

Yes, the sim racing community have been pulling out all the stops over the last two decades to build upon and improve the original Grand Prix Legends racing simulation, a title that was released all the way back in 1998 remember, and as we hit a brand new decade we've got a fresh demo version of the game that includes the very best of what the community have to offer - the GPL 2020 demo is here!

Available to download from GPL World HERE, the 2020 demo of one of the most revered games in sim racing contains a collection of the finest post-release content for the simulation - including all the patches, updates, fixes, improvements, enhancements and developments the sim racing community have brought to the software over the past 22 years. 22 years of passion folks! TWENTY TWO YEARS!

Ten cars are included within the demo installer, offering players a nice mix of different historic machinery to best sample how GPL has changed and improved over the last couple of decades. Formula One to sportscar racing, GPL truly has become the ultimate homage to motorsport of yesteryear.

To mark the release of the 2020 GPL demo, and give you an idea regarding what's included, check out this short trailer release below:

The 2020 demo for GPL contains a range of different historic racing machinery from different eras and categories of historic motorsport. The ten cars included within the installer span almost twenty years of racing from the world of Formula One, Can-Am and Sportscar racing, with some of the most icon, and wild, racing machinery of their eras.

gpl2020demo_Monza 10k_10.jpg
gpl2020demo_Sebring 1967_06.jpg

GPL 2020 Demo | Cars
  • 1955 F1 Mod: Mercedes W196
  • 1965 F1 Mod: Lotus 33/Coventry Climax
  • 1966 F1 Mod: Repco Brabham BT19
  • 1966 Can-Am Mod: Lola T70 Mk2/Chevrolet 358.0 cu in/5.882L
  • 1967 F1 Mod: Repco Brabham BT24
  • 1967 F1 Mod: Lotus 49/Ford Cosworth
  • 1967 F2 Mod: Matra MS5/Ford Cosworth
  • 1967 Sports Cars Mod: Ferrari 330 P4
  • 1969 F1 Mod: Matra MS80/Ford Cosworth
  • 1971 Can-Am Mod: McLaren M8F/Chevrolet 494.9 cu in/8.110L

gpl2020demo_Road America 1971_05.jpg
gpl2020demo_Road America 1971_09.jpg

The mod also contains four hand picked circuits that compliment the vehicles within the install. As with the cars, the tracks are community created, and contain both period specific configurations and signage, really showcasing how far removed modern motorsport is from the early years of car racing in the 1960's and 70's.

GPL 2020 Demo | Tracks
  • Monza 10k
  • Road America 1971
  • Sebring International Raceway 1967
  • Zandvoort 1967
gpl2020demo_Road America 1971_01.jpg
gpl2020demo_Zandvoort 1967_03.jpg

gpl2020demo_Sebring 1967_08.jpg

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the install also contains an absolute abundance of additional patches, improvements and enhancements that have been created by the community over the past 22 years, from high quality graphics updates to force feedback improvements, the list of changes are far too numerous to include here... if you want to find out exactly what is included in the new release, you can review the full launch notes on the download link at the top of this article.

To say I'm impressed by how community engagement and support have continued to develop and improve this game would be an understatement. 22 years after initial release, Grand Prix Legends continues to improve and remain a relevant and impressive racing simulation - long after any period rivals have fallen by the roadside.

Sim racing really is awesome.

GPL 2020 Demo is available now, exclusively for PC.

If you want to ask questions about GPL, or discuss the demo with your fellow community members, head over to the Other Racing Games sub forum here at RaceDepartment and start a thread today.

gpl2020demo_Zandvoort 1967_01.jpg
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Jul 23, 2015
I'm about to try it out with my direct drive and Sprint pedals. Hopefully I can get it all working well enough.
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Jul 23, 2015
No FFB with my OSW; have the same issue with GTR2. Also have to select auto shifting as it won't recognize the paddles on my wheel.


Feb 17, 2018
Can this demo be put in GPL to help it run better on Win10?
Actually, it may be easier (and better) to put the original GPL cars and tracks into the 2020 demo. Look about 2/3 down on this page to see how tracks can be added.

Perhaps someone could explain how to add the original GPL cars (assuming that you either have GPL installed or the original CD, of course). I do! :D Given clear instructions, I might give this a try!