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Got Motec Working again

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Finally managed to install and get it going for the first time since the 64 bit executables.
Wow, I forgot how much I like it.

Was looking at the data from our Formula Renault 3.5 Malaysia Club Race last night. (27 laps)
I have it set up with the 3 depth temperatures of the tyre as well as the normal 3 inner/centre/outer temps. For the tech minded its fascinating how they interact.

The middle temp (Rubber) more resembles what we might have seen in older more simplified sims that have only one temp. It doesnt fluctuate as wildly as surface temp so possibly a better indicator of camber. Ill let you know.

But getting to lap times. I looked at my best lap (17) to see what was different from a string of 10 laps surrounding it that had a delta of .410 sec. It was so easy to see. Better tyre management. None of the massive peaks at two braking zones where I was locking up most laps (and further increasing wear). Just a much more even maximum temp.
Can also see that I was downshifting way too slow and brake need more cooling.

So now I can try to improve braking with technique and also with some more cooling and front tyre wear with better setup technique and using brake balance more aggressively across a lap.