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"Gorilla Customs" releases the Professional Sim Racing Wheel

Mar 15, 2008
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The R-Series Pro Steering Wheel by Gorilla Customs™ is the culmination of over two years of research and development and was designed side-by-side with engineers from a top Nascar Sprint Cup team. Its welded steel frame construction, durable machined parts and aluminum cover provide a very rigid unit that can withstand private and commercial use and provide the ultimate in realism.

Our proprietary tensioning system can be adjusted to within grams of any steering gearbox. With a simple adjustment from the dash panel you can drastically change the input resistance rebound resistance, which allows you to simulate virtually any style car in your simulated environment.

Input Resistance up to 185 lbs
Up to 80 lbs of Rebound Resistance
Rotary Dampening to reduce soft spots at top-dead-center

The electronics behind the R-Series Pro Wheel include a high fidelity mainboard that allows for over 4096 steps of resolution! The separate communications board allows the Racing Electronics™ Push-To-Talk button to be connected to your main PC or a separate PC. The high fidelity mainboard with 4096 steps of resolution and additional communications board combined with our tensioning systems translate into smoother lines, more consistent car control and massive expandability.

- 12-Bit Mainboard
- Additional channels for optional button configuration or mods
- Communications Board
- Can connect to main PC or seperate PC for in-race communications
- 7 Optional buttons can be added
- Racing Electronics™ Push-To-Talk button - Same as used in real car
- HD Steering Axis Potentiometer
- 4096 Steps of resolution

The Schreoder Race Products, spline gear quick-release system allows for easy removal of the wheel as well as changing to different wheel styles. The R-Series Pro Wheel can be ordered with many stlyes of steering wheels and different quick-release systems. Optional paddle shifters are availabe for wheels under 13.5"


Kris Vickers

May 9, 2009
While i`m sure this wheel is well built and feels awsome to use..... $1299????

If i was going to spend that much on a wheel, i`d give that amount of cash to Brian and let him loose of building materials lol

I think this is only going to hit a niche market at that price. Specially seeing as it isn`t the best looking of wheels.
Mar 15, 2008
Obviously, this is a wheel which only the most serious sim racing enthusiast would be interested in for use. Our alignment and help to many Nascar/Arca drivers and teams also required a certain element of precision and feel which we know is very good. The wheel is purpose built and done in a manner which is useful, durable, expandable and marketable. More details on the wheel are coming which may be useful to you or someone wanting to know more on specifics.