google sketchup textures

when i am exporting models from google sketchup to .3ds the textures gets in .jpg but i want them in .dds becouse when i load the track in rfactor it gives me error loading texture messege...
anny way to export the textures in .dds to the sketchup objeckt?

hope you can understand my poor english:rolleyes:


hi, the solution I use, is to convert all the .jpg textures to .dds, and then in Xpacker, re-assing them to the materials.

It´s a pity that Sketchup, dont work with dds, isnt it?



by the way, what kind of error?, rfactor works with jpg, files, Do you folow the power of 2 rule?, that is, the size of the jpg file must be, 8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048, or any combination of these.

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