Goodwood Revival 2018 7th September to 9th September

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    So, it's that time of year again. The Goodwood Revival weekend. Absolutely love the Revival, I've been watching it on YouTube for the past few years and whilst it can be a bit samey and the influx of BTCC drivers has somewhat detracted from the pro-am/gentleman driver aspect, it is far more entertaining than lets say a usual F1 weekend...

    Highlights of the weekend for me is always the Whitsun Trophy, 60s Can Am cars, including GT40s, and the RAC TT Celebration with the cars you see in the picture above. Last years Barry Sheene trophy races were good, the "leather clad loonies" going hell for leather on old motorbikes.

    I'm praying for some rain, always makes it more interesting.

    Live stream here -

    Entry list here -

    Schedule here -

    I would say there is a catch up service, but in their infinite wisdom GRRC decided to join the paywall crowd this year and have put all catch up/replay streams behind a £40 a year payable up front in one lump sump paywall, after years of them being free on their YouTube channel...

    So, if you miss it this weekend you can either pay up (if you aren't a subscriber already), or if you're in the UK wait for ITV to butcher 3 days of action into a 45 minute tv show (1 hour including ad breaks)...

    I'll be watching it live and loud.
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