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Good Sim Racing Desk Chair

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jason Murphy, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. Jason Murphy

    Jason Murphy

    Im in need of a new desk chair. For me right now im using my desk as my rig (and it will probably stay that way). So, when im looking for a new desk chair there are a few things specifically that i want to improve my sim racing feel:
    - comfort obvious to any chair
    - doesn't move around easy on a rug, or has lockable wheels
    - can lock the back and create a good driving position
    - be able to lower and/or rotate the arms so i can use the steering wheel effectively

    Anyone found a chair that they absolutely love for sim racing? Im sure i'll be fine just going down to the local big box stores and sitting in a few, but if there are certain ones out there that are tested id like to know. Im not looking to spend a lot of money on one, maybe around $100. Thanks :)
  2. RaceNut


    I use a pretty nice office chair with height / tilt / back adjustments but, it was about $200. I replaced the casters with a set of locking casters from Amazon (about $15). I have also seen office chairs on Ebay with Recaro style seats that are pretty neat.