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    After 2 months, where i played 103 minutes, ive decided to return it. The game itself is made well enough but after racing GPL and all the F1 sims with much less visuals but true screaming F1 engines on tracks without car park run offs, ive come to the conclusion F1 isnt for me anymore. Aside of that, all the setup restrictions, an 8 speed gearbox of wich you cannot alter the ratios (I loved spending lots of time getting that right to my taste) and just use auto shift because with low rev turbo engines, whats the use of holding gear, it is just not my kind of cookie anymore. This is not to bash f1, not to bash the people who love the sim. Im happy if you do. But for me, car racing sims is over and im gonna look at different games. I will also return project cars for the same reason. I will still play rf2 and ams, as well ass asseto corsa sometimes for a few laps. I wish you all the best. Stay safe.
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    This is 2 weeks for the refund, not 2 months
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