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Going back into Simracing since October 2017

Dear reader,

On my peak I had:

- Fanatec 2.5
- Fanatec v3 pedals
- BWM rim,
- Fanatec shifter 1.5
- Heusinkveld shifter + handbrake
- GT omega supreme
- Triples
- Edtracker pro

I sold everything because I was on a downside of my life and had a existential crisis. However, during the release of Dirt Rally 2.0 I bought myself a used T300 setup. Was nice, felt good, but the game was not. So I sold it again. No money loss, tho

But I've days and night I am just asking myself what am I doing now? I am just sitting there after work asking myself what to do. Back in days from 2014 till 2017 it was just sit in the rig and blast tru Dirt Rally 1, rfactor 2 etc. Intelligence on zero and just go. The evening just went by. Now I am asking myself: Do I want to go back into sim racing? Yes, because I lost all my interest in normal gaming, etc etc

So I've made 4 lists with different prices and different setups. I am a tad out for so long and hereby I am asking you to brainstorm with me what would be a good setup.

Let's do this!




CSL Elite Ps4 399.95€
Formula Carbon 299.90€
CSL Pedals LC 219.90€
Standard Shipping 30.00€



GT1 Evo Sim Racing Cockpit (G) €399.00
Sparco R100 €279.65
Keyboard tray €69.00
Mousepad €19.00
GT1-EVO Single screen mount €69.00
Shipping €48.02


Draadloze Muis en Toetsenbord

Logitech M590 Zwart €32,50
Logitech K380 €41,-



LG 29WK600 € 201.45


Might be a valid choice. Doubthing about the ultrawide screen. Perhaps a better one. VR is lovely too, but I am a tad worried bout the summerheat, etc. And who need a shifter nowadays anway? Most circuitracingcars are paddles.


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