Global Formula Automobilista - Season 2

@Kas. With both title wrapped up, how can you keep the momentum up for next season?
  • How did your season go? Did you achieve what you hoped for?
  • What was the best result for you all season and why did it mean so much?
  • Where did points go missing, which races do you see were missed opportunities?
For next season we plan to yet again focus our consistency with reliability and letting the drivers fight fairly.
Our season went MUCH better then expected. I came into the season hoping for some podiums and wins and came out as dominant champions
Our best result definitely has to be Canada and America, we got 2 fantastic 1-2s back to back which helped us take the lead of both titles
I think points were lost after japan. Japan was a bad race for us when we could have had a win and a great result, Australia was terrible for us and we couldnt seem to find a good balance for the Kerbs last time out. But overall a fabulous season for us.

And always thank you @jimlaad for hosting this. I know me and a lot of other people enjoy this series a lot and I thank you for running it
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