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global device setting is gone

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by baron12, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. baron12


    here is my problem which started today...

    firstly I noticed for some reason in RBR the pedals were not detected so I changed USB which helped... RBR worked fine..
    then I tried to change global device settings for another game, which I play but I could not reach it anymore...
    I tried to recalibrate it... in wheel properties
    clutch would be recognized... when I press throttle wheel axis would actually move up, and brake = axis moves down instead of accelerator / brake react, like clutch does...


    so I can't calibrate g27 correctly in wheel properties and I can't even find global device settings...
    which is surprising when I go to play the game my game works normal! brakes and throttle are just fine, even though they are not reacting in wheel properties...
    also logitech profiler works totally fine and I can start games from there.

    I tried:
    did disconnect all cables from the wheel, sockets etc, waited 1 minute, uninstalled it, reinstalled, it's always the same, no matter what I do...

    I did get sometimes Xinput mode error report, but I am not sure whether it was for wheel or gamepad controller. anyway for now I can play most of the games, because luckily my last global device setting was set to the correct values so it works in the only game I need it, but this is surely some mistake. probably
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