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Giving away one AMS1 + DLC Steam key

I just became a backer for Automobilista 2. It included a free AMS1 + all DLC key.

But I don't know who to give it to, as most people I know already have AMS1. So here you go.

But please DO NOT redeem the key if you

- Will reject it because of bad graphics
- Will reject it because of lack of VR
- Will give up after 5 minutes, because not getting the settings working
- Will not actually drive it all that much

Give it instead to someone else, who will drive and appreciate this gem of a simulation for many many hours. (Which will continue to be relevant after AMS2 comes, because it supports mods)

Here is the key: LEAXM-F5GBB-FZGEP

Reply below if you took it maybe. So others don't bother testing if it still works

[MOD EDIT: recruiting is not allowed in any format on the website]

I also recommend the Ultimate 28 Track Pack:


Although, you'll need to download many of the tracks from the individual track pages in addition, if you want the latest versions. Most tracks in the combined download have been updated later.


You'll see what got later updated from that. Too bad Patrick hasn't updated his main download.
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For a moment I got tempted to get it (already own Automobilista 1, but without DLCs), but your "- Will not actually drive it all that much" got me, because I don't have much time nowadays to play sims, so I'll let it to someone else wishing to discover this truly gem.
Thank you for your kind gesture offering your key here. Hope it finds a good player. :)