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  1. Philipp Puschke

    Philipp Puschke

    A perfect weekend

    This weekend was about to be one of the best race weekends GhostSpeed ever had.

    World Championship
    In the World Championship Morgan Morand took another victory after a very intense and hard race.
    After a difficult Qualifying Session for him he didn’t waste any time to get in the first spot as soon as possible. After some good fights with his competitor’s he crossed the line in 1st position.

    Morgan Morand commented:

    "Q1 ok, best PB so far.
    Q2 The worst lap i have ever made... worst than 2011 Suzuka but P5

    Race : Got a good start, in the first stint, i was struggling with Q2 tyres, tyre pressure wasn't good.
    Got a lot of battles. Baldi, simoncic, dominguez and saxen. I did not overtake them in S2 or S3 to not loose time to rietveld.
    2nd stint was my best so far. Making a lot of
    I cought up rietveld before pitstop, and made the pass at 2nd chicane caused by his late braking which gave him not enough speed at exit. Anyway, he was in my slipstream but at the last laps of the stint, i had better pace than others.
    I was looking the gap with huis because he had Spa strategy, 3 longs stints + 1 very fast stint. But speed was enough and i managed brakes during last stint.

    See you in nurburg

    Good result for GS :) "

    Jim Parisis experienced another difficult weekend after missing out Q2 by almost nothing and then a race ending moment in t1.
    The whole team knows that he can do better and that he will show this soon.

    Jim Parisis commented:

    "Q: 11th place, again not the lap that I could do, fairly out of top 10.

    R: I was the first with fresh tyres and I wanted to take advantance of this in the first stint but my dreams stopped in T1 when I made contact with the car infront while he was braking very early to avoid others. As a result I damaged badly my front right suspension, car became undrivable and so I DNF.

    Congrats to my teamate for the win!!!"

    Philipp Puschke and Jernej Simoncic were driving for Ash Racing.
    Both managed to score some decent points even if they felt that there was some more in it.

    Jernej Simoncic commented:
    "I was somehow slower than in WS race and I just managed to hold on at 10th place in q1. In q2 I somehow by really weird circumstances got 3rd spot on the grid.

    On the start I gained another place but then lost it, and Morgan and Bono stormed past me inevitably so I was 5th.
    Then at the end somehow Mikko on 2 stopper stayed in front of me by 4 seconds and he was setting identical laptimes as me on worse tires so I had to settle for 6th.
    Good race, nice experience of being in the 2nd position in a world championship race even if just for a few corners.

    Though...I'm a little bit dissapointed, I wasn't mentally prepared for the race... my feet were shaking so much I could barely find any braking point in the first few laps. Also the pace was like 3 or 4 tenths slower than in the testing and in the WS race. But 6th place is still not too bad."

    Philipp Puschke commented:

    "Q1 went very good - P4.
    Q2 was a disaster as my wheel failed before the first lesmo and it did a sudden downshift so I that I was caught out by that and ****ed up the rest of the lap. I gave up the laptime as it was a cut in lesmo1 - P9.

    I had a very good start ; managing to pass Petar off the line and Mikko at the exit of the first chicane -> up to P7. Then from lap 3-4 I battled with Ivar for P6
    finally passing him in lap4 in the second chicane. So everything went well but somehow Jernej and me had a misunderstanding when we two would pit and sadly I had to wait behind Jernej in the first pitstop and losing many seconds.
    -> ruining my race.
    In Lap 19 I passed Mikko for 9th. Lap 30 showed another pass on Eros Masciulli for 13th there. Then on lap 33 I almost collected the spon Lapchin.
    And then from lap ~38-48 I fought with Petar.
    In the end 8th.
    Not satisfied at all as there was much more I could have acieved.
    Congrats to Morgan for his epic win and to my teammate Jernej for his 6th place."

    World Series
    In the World Series Philipp Puschke and Jernej Simoncic achieved an perfect result with Philipp winning and Jernej in 2nd. Both did a fantastic job to be in this position.
    Markus Hoffmann had another difficult weekend without any possibily to show what he can achieve in 11th and Martial Thomas finished his first race for GhostSpeed in 15th.

    World Trophy
    In the World Trophy Ville Leppälä continued his amazing form to achieve another victory. He fought hard and got the result he and the team deserves.
    Caner Basol finished his race in a solid 7th and Juhani Ahlman and Mark Aalberts did not finish.

    All in all it was a perfect weekend and the whole team is confident to confirm their achievements in Germany.

    Team Owner Pedro Rodrigues commented:
    "This was an awesome weekend for us. We won the 3 races of the weekend with a 1-2 in one of them. An historic moment for sure, the first time we won all the races of a weekend. Special congrats to Morgan, Philipp, Ville and also Jernej for achieving this. I'm proud of the whole team, every driver that contributed to this.

    Now we need to keep working hard to keep this level and continue achieving these performances. We can do it for sure and reach our goals!"

    Written by Philipp Puschke

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    The unlucky Finn

    Absolutely one of the best races by GS, maybe the best?