GhostSpeed Racing Bahrain Race Report 2014

James Sadler

GhostSpeed Racing Manager
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GhostSpeed Racing has had a positive start to the 2014 season at Bahrain. After switching to a new simulator, GhostSpeed has really shown that they are more then capable of completing a very strong season in Formula SimRacing 2014.

World Championship

The driver lineup for GhostSpeed has changed somewhat. The likes of Morgan Morand, Jernej Simoncic and Philipp Puschke are all absent from GhostSpeed. Morgan Morand, who is now driving for Netrex, won the Bahrain Grand Prix and we at GhostSpeed are delighted for him and wish him all the best for the future. Personal commitments mean Jernej Simoncic and Philipp Puschke are unable to race for GhostSpeed this season. As a result Ville Leppälä has now been promoted to the World Championship GhostSpeed Team. New signings for World Championship include: Blair Disley and Eros Masciulli. Meanwhile Mark Aalberts, former WT/Pro driver and now the new GhostSpeed team principle, is driving for Ash Racing alongside Eros Masciulli.

Masciulli delivered a good performance but unfortunately couldn’t get points. Ville Leppälä also had a similar race. Unfortunately Mark Aalberts crashed but he will make up for this in Malaysia. Blair Disley, is known for his consistency and he certainly delivered but just couldn’t get points on this occasion. We are hopeful for points finishes for both GhostSpeed and Ash Racing in the near future.

Ace Series

GhostSpeed has made changes to it’s Ace/World Series driver lineup. Since Ville Leppälä was promoted to the World Championship and personal commitments meant Dimitri De Matos couldn’t race this season, although he is now a test driver for GhostSpeed. This meant GhostSpeed needed to recruit two new drivers for Ace/World Series. They come in the form of Thomas Satherley and Marek Godek who are two very quick drivers and are great to work with.

Satherley made a great debut for GhostSpeed. In race one, Thomas drove a great race and managed to claim ninth place, giving GhostSpeed a good start to the season for Ace/World Series. In the second race, Thomas completed a great weekend by clinching 5th, resulting in a good points total for the start of season for both him and GhostSpeed. However, Marek didn’t have a great weekend by finishing 21st in race 1 and unfortunately crashed in race 2. We believe in Marek and he will no doubt bounce back from this in Malaysia.

Pro Series

For Pro/World Trophy there has been a few alterations to the driver line up. Since Mark Aalberts is now driving in the World Championship and Franz Schnyder has personal commitments, this left two seats to fill. Adrian Falcon and Jorrick Boshove were promoted from the second GhostSpeed team in Pro/World Trophy to the main team. New additions to GhostSpeed in the likes of James Sadler, Andrew Ford and Jeroen Kweekel.

GhostSpeed had a spectacular race in Pro/World Trophy. Jorrick Boshove clinched his first ever victory in Formula SimRacing and we are delighted for him. Jeroen made an amazing debut who managed to claim 2nd in his first ever Pro/World Trophy race. Adrian Falcon delivered a strong performance to claim 5th. This has given GhostSpeed the lead in the Pro/World Trophy Constructors Championship and Jorrick, Jeroen and Adrian being 1,2,5 in the Drivers Championship. However, James Sadler had a dismal race and will most certainly want to improve in Malaysia. Andrew Ford did not participate in this round due to personal commitments.

Overall we are very satisfied with our performance this weekend. We hope to impress in Malaysia and deliver some more strong results. We want to wish every driver and team good luck for Malaysia.

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