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GFX: Optimizing Ground Cover and Shaders? Higher Frames per Second

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by CamsX, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. CamsX


    Hoping someone from the development team reads this, I would like to know why this 2 graphical settings aren't better optimized. I took a lot of time from actually driving to run the included benchmark test in order to improve my average FPS and consequently improve my enjoyment of this great game. Mission accomplished, somewhat.

    I run a pretty standard gaming rig, with FX8350 @4.4Ghz, 7970 graphics card, 16GBs of RAM and a 144hz monitor. Coming from the shooters world, I can notice very easily when my frames dip below 60fps. This was fairly noticeable and my ability to react with my wheel was also reduced because of this.

    After some extensive testing I noticed that with my current rig, I can set the graphical preset to Ultra, and as long as I change the Ground Cover setting to OFF and Shaders to Ultra Low, I was averaging over 100fps. Gameplay wise this was great, but visual quality was slightly compromised. As soon I change one of these 2 settings (not both) to LOW (not even medium or high) the avg frames would drop to below 60. Whats even worse, using the Ultra Low preset + GC & Shaders at anything else than their minimum value would also result in avg frames below 60.

    I think there should be a compromise, where I could retain a little bit of foliage and surface fidelity, while still keeping MINIMUM frames above 60 and maybe avg frames between 70-80.

    If someone knows how to improve frame rate, while keeping this 2 options enabled please chime in.

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