Getting this to work on Win 8 from Steam


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Dec 30, 2014
So, downloaded the full SimBin mega pack, primarily to play GTL. Loaded up the game and got the graphics config box, entered my specifics then pressed play only to be returned to the graphics config box. It wouldn't recognize anything other than my onboard graphics card as opposed to my nVidia graphics card or release me from the loop.

So I reassigned the compatibility to XP SP3 as many suggest and ran as administrator, this time the config .ini changes, but I'm still trapped in the conifg loop and it still isn't recognizing my card.

Finally I tried launching the game and the graphics config through Steam, right clicked and altered the graphics setup, then pressed play and selected play game, once more I am returned to the config box and once again it still is only offering my onboard card.

I'm flat out of ideas at this point, trying to get this to run on Windows 8, this problem extends to all the games I downloaded on Sim Bin... ALL OF THEM, none of them are running, all of them are not recognizing my nVidia card all of them are looping the config boxes. I'm not sure if Valve have done something to the games or something in my laptop is preventing them from working. My other Steam games work fine.

Already read through suggestions and tried everything I have seen, most people seem to be using Windows 7. Has anyone using Windows 8 encountered and circumvented this problem?
Dec 5, 2012
as long as you set the exe file of GTL to run on the Nvidia card in the Nvidia Control Panel, it will run on the Nvidia card.
You can double check this when running the game, minimise it and in the system tray (bottom right corner), you can click on the Nvidia GPU Activity icon. If you click on it, you should see GTL.exe listed.

I believe that it is a known issue with Windows 8. You cannot set the Nvidia card in the config but it will run the card if set to do so via the Nvidia Control Panel.