Getting Race canceled when connecting to some servers, others are working

Hi there guys,

please help me I am starting to be desperate with this :(

Recently from sudden I started to get notiffication Race canceled, when connecting to some servers, where I have been playing before like 20x times.

CM connects to server, loads all 32/32 cars for example, and then goes back to Win with Race canceled message...
happens for example on ABC-1 Legends garage Nordschleife server, but when I connect to theirs ABC-1 Legends garage Highlands long or Spa these servers works fine...

Single player sessions work totally fine.

I struggle to find smthng on the internet, just a guys with same question as me, I also tried Legends Garage Discord channel but no response... I tried steam files verification, no change.

Thx for any advice!
Did you install a mod recently?
I dont really think I did smthng like that... on 7.7.2021 I downloaded Asseto car tuner and made some cars with this and played them in single player, I wasnt making other changes in game if I remember... after I found those "race canceled" problems I added LA Canyons 1.2 and Shutoku map... Now I noticed one thing: Legends garage has 2 Nordshleife servers and on one of them I get "race canceled" on 32/32 cars loaded and on the second server I get this error always with Mercedes Benz 190E EVOII... which isnt car I was modding or smthng :/ I did steam files verification again, steam says found 1 corrupted file and will download it, no help, all still same... thx for response!
but what did you do?
just tuned few cars with this for a single player game, nothing else. No ingame changes and mods. I did not any mod with that Mercedes Benz 190E on which I get race canceled on one server. Also this program doesnt mess with original files, it just makes a copy of chosen car and u mess with the copy.

I also checked if I have right version of Custom shaders patch and its ok.

Maybe I will try reinstall the game

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